Final Fantasy

Play “Triple Triad” & “Final Fantasy” for Free Through “Final Fantasy Portal”

Final_Fantasy_logoSquare Enix has finally released the Final Fantasy Portal app in the West! The application is meant to provide the latest news, trailers and games for Final Fantasy fans. You are also able to play the popular mini game from Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad! If you log in with your Square Enix ID, it’s possible to obtain in-app points to unlock access to content, including wallpapers and new cards for Triple Triad.

As part of a special promotion, “FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version)” is available as a free download through the app until 11:59 p.m., August 31st, 2015 (PDT). This title was the genesis of the legendary series.

Get Final Fantasy Portal App from the App Store or Google Play.

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