Final Fantasy XIV

Celebrate Christmas in Final Fantasy XIV Starting This Thursday


Christmas Event Arrives in Eorzea

The winter holidays are starting soon and what would be a better way to celebrate it than taking a journey in Eorzea with your friends and completing the new Starlight quests! It will be a good way to spend time before Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 releases in mid-January 2017!

Starting on December 15 – December 31,  a Starlight celebrant of Ul’dah seeks to bring merriment and good cheer to the boys and girls of a local children’s ward. If you would ensure these hapless younglings have a reason to smile this year, pray seek her out, and learn what you can do to help!

mapYou will be able to acquire following rewards from the duty:

  • Starlight Robe (dyeable)

  • Starlight Celebration Orchestrion Roll

  • Starlight Pillar

  • Starlight

  • Snow Drift

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is scheduled for release Early Summer 2017.


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