Square Enix Is Making A Halo 2 Anniversary Play Arts ~Kai~ Figure | New Pictures

Square Enix has put the colored version of upcoming Halo 2 Play Arts -Kai- figure on display at San Diego Comic Con 2014. They figure was first revealed at E3 2014 when Square Enix announced another collaboration with 343 and Microsoft – the Play Arts Kai Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Master Chief figure. This figure will be the third version of Master Chief Square Enix has created for their Play Arts ~Kai~Halo line. It’s nine inche tall and includes two weapons: a covenant energy sword and Halo 2’s iconic dual SMGs. Pre-orders for the figure should be opening soon. Stay tuned.


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Drakengard 3 “Story Side” Novel Will Be Released in August [Japan]


A new Drakengard 3 novel will be hitting Japan next month. “Story Side” will be telling an additional story about an unseen branch. The story will follow Zero, Itoner sisters and Mikhail and reveal how, when and where they were born in the first place. The book has 258 pages and pricing is set to 1008 yens which is approx.7.40$€ / 10$. People who know how to read Japanese can pre-order their copies now or pick up the book from the stores on 28th August.

For now, the book is a Japanese-only release.

Introducing Square Portal Science – Know How Gaming Affects To Your Life


It’s important to know how gaming affects to your life because it isn’t just a hobby – it’s a way of life. Have you ever had a discussion with your friends, parents, teachers or other people about how gaming really affects to your life? We here in Square Portal are planning to help you to know a bit more about the subject you are talking about and base your knowledge on real researches alongside your own experiences.

When it comes to science, there will be articles about gaming’s bad and good sides, but it’s always good to keep a certain kind of criticality when it comes to researches. The beauty of science is that it can be fixed if it’s broken, which is why results keep changing after more researches are completed after years of hard work.

When analyzing the results, you should carefully examine: Who paid the research and hired the people, how the data acquisition was executed, how big was the sample and how and what kind of people were chosen in the research. As you see, there are many factors influencing to the results, which is why it’s important to keep our eyes peeled for trust-worthy information. All science articles on our site will be based on real researches done by scientists, but remember that the results are never 100% accurate.


This week we thought to start with a research about rage quitting. Is it caused by video games’ violent content or experiences of failure and frustration? You can read the article from here!  Remember to post your thoughts to the comments section and tell your experiences of rage quitting, and why and when have you done it.

By posting a comment you can also win a PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Rage Quitting: Caused By Games’ Violent Content Or Experiences Of Failure And Frustration?

This article is the first part of Square Portal new series called “Square Portal Science” – Read more about it from here!

For us gamers the experiences of failure and frustration are part of our everyday life. Have you ever felt angry and annoyed when having problems at defeating a challenging boss fight or losing to another team during an online multiplayer match? It’s quite a common thing to see big medias accusing video games’ disturbing and violent content for causing aggression to gamers, but is the content really the reason what causes the aggression? Are games doing something to people that other things in this world don’t?

A new study shows hostile behavior isn’t actually linked to game’s violent content but to gamers’ experience of failure and feeling of frustration during the gameplay. This may be something what has been clear for us gamers for a long time, but now there’s actually a study to support our thoughts. As crazy as it may sound many studies have only focused on games’ content not on players’ psychological experiences, according to ScienceDaily. University of Rochester was one of the very first to actually take a closer look at the players’ psychological experiences with games.

"Any player who has thrown down a remote control after losing an electronic game can relate to the intense feelings or anger failure can cause," explains lead author Andrew Przybylski, a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University, who said such frustration is commonly known among gamers as "rage-quitting."

“Any player who has thrown down a remote control after losing an electronic game can relate to the intense feelings or anger failure can cause,” explains lead author Andrew Przybylski, a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University, who said such frustration is commonly known among gamers as “rage-quitting.”

According to co-author Richard Ryan, aggressive behavior isn’t unique to gaming, and the same phenomena appears in sports as well when players lose a game as a result of a bad call.

“When people feel they have no control over the outcome of a game, that leads to aggression,” he explains. “We saw that in our experiments. If you press someone’s competencies, they’ll become more aggressive, and our effects held up whether the games were violent or not.”

How the study was executed?

Almost 600 college-aged participants were asked to play custom-designed video games across six lab experiments. To find out which aspects cause the aggressive feelings, the researches manipulated the interface, controls and degree of difficulty. They also used different kinds of violent and non-violent games during the research.

In one experiment, players were randomly asked to play easier or more challenging version of Tetris after they had held their hand in the painfully cold water for 25 seconds. The researchers led them to believe that the length of time was determined by previous participant, but in reality, all participants were assigned the same duration. After participants have played the game for a while they were asked to assign the amount of time a future participant would have to leave their hand in the water. Players who played the more difficult version of Tetris assigned on average 10 seconds more of cold water pain for the next player than the people who get to play the easier version of the game.

Do violent content cause aggression for players?

Does violent content cause aggression for players?

Across the experiments, researchers found the lack of mastery of the game’s controls and the high difficulty players had completing the game led to frustration – not the imaginary or visuals. It seems that aggression is a negative side effect of the frustration felt while playing the video game. One of the researches explained that non-violent games like Candy Crush and Tetris can actually cause more aggressive behavior than shooters, if their controls are poorly designed or games are just too difficult.

“When the experience involves threats to our ego, it can cause us to be hostile and mean to others,” Ryan explains.

The researchers also surveyed 300 gamers to identify how real world gamers might experience the same phenomena. When asked about pre- and post-game feelings, gamers reported the same things that the research proved before – inability to master a game or its controls causes feelings of frustration and affects to the enjoyment in the experience.

The researchers say that the findings offer an important contribution to the debate about the effects of violent video games. Ryan says that many critics of video games have been premature in their conclusions that violent video games cause aggression. “It’s a complicated area, and people have simplistic views,” he explains, noting that nonviolent games like Tetris or Candy Crush can leave players as, if not more, aggressive than games with violence, if they’re poorly designed or too difficult.

Original Report & Story Source:

The above story is based on materials provided by University of Rochester. Original report was written by ScienceDaily who may have edited the materials for content and length. Square Portal wrote a summary of their earlier report.

Journal Reference:

  1. Andrew K. Przybylski, Edward L. Deci, C. Scott Rigby, Richard M. Ryan. Competence-impeding electronic games and players’ aggressive feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2014; 106 (3): 441 DOI: 10.1037/a0034820

Canadian Singer “Lights” Loves The Final Fantasy XIII Saga – Gets Lightning’s Haircut

Square Portal’s gossip news writers strike again, which means it’s time for some casual news! A Canadian electropop musician, singer and songwriter, “Lights”, has got a new haircut which looks exactly like Lightning’s haircut! It’s no surprise since she had already told her fans: “Anyone that thinks I wouldn’t get my hair cut like Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t know me.” In March 2014, she also posted a picture of her copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and this summer she had finally got the perfect Lightning haircut she wanted. It seems quite cool, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Our own reader Katie confirms on our Facebook page that Lights really is a big fan of the saga. Katie has even got a chance to talk with Lights about Final Fantasy XIII. That’s quite amazing!

Many of us love Final Fantasy games and the Final Fantasy XIII saga and it’s not secret that there are big fans among popular artists and celebrities as well. Lights isn’t only celebrity to admit her love towards Final Fantasy games: Earlier this year, Lupita Nyong, who won “The Best Female Actor” oscar from her role in 12 Years A Slave, admitted that she loves Final Fantasy VIII and used to always play it as a child. Do you know any other celebrities who have revealed their love towards Square Enix games such as Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.?

Have you ever considered to get a game character’s haircut? If you could choose any, which game character’s hairstyle would you love to get? Post your thoughts on the comments and you may win a copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

Sneaky promo time: Lights’ new album “Little Machines” will be out later this year and she has released a new single from the album.

Write The Best Comment Of The Month And Win A Prize!


It’s summer and we feel like giving some cool stuff away! But it’s just too boring to try to get likes, favorites and retweets on social media, so we thought to do something to make the comments section more lively and reborn. Your mission is easy – simply write the best comment of the month and the game is yours! This doesn’t mean spamming, though. Let’s go through the rules.


1. Write a thoughtful, argumentative and well-written comment
2. Continue talking in other news posts with more great comments = more chances to win
3. Avoid spamming
4. Don’t post comments to news older than two month
5. Add your real email account or log in with your social media account that we can contact you if you win the prize
6. The Competition is open for everyone (US, EU, ASIA, JAPAN, THE EARTH etc.)
*More rules are added if needed

Note: It will take a little of time for a comment to arrive since our moderator goes through them to decrease spam!
Hint: Invite your friends to discuss too! This will increase everyone’s chances to win!


A copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [PS4]* and a month of subscription time (new users only)
*It’s a promotional copy.

The Best Comment of the Month will be chosen in the beginning of September, so all comments, from now, are qualified for the competition. Ask more in the comments section if you have any questions!

MdRadio Returns – Nomura Comes To Spill Final Fantasy XV / Kingdom Hearts III News?

will be returning soon, and the host and the merchandising manager of Square Enix Japan, Hidemi Matsuzuka, will be making a podcast with his special guests, Ichiro Hazama (Theatrhythm producer) and Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy XV director). This special podcast focuses on Square Enix’s merchandise products, but sometimes there are interesting game details as well.

In the first podcast last year, Nomura said that they had decided when to show Final Fantasy Versus XIII again. He also revealed that Square Enix was supposed to show Versus in 2012 and there was a reason why it wasn’t. He said would understand it when we get the new info. Eventually it turned out that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had become Final Fantasy XV and moved to PS4 and Xbox One. At the time of E3, Nomura gave more details about FFXV and Kingdom Hearts III during the second radio show.


Matsuzuka meeting with Hazama and Nomura

According to Matsuzuka, MdRadio will be returning very soon and we should get more news about it later this week. He also posted a picture of a meeting with Hazama and Nomura where they are probably discussing the contents they will be talking about during the podcast. Let’s not forget that it’s less than two months until Tokyo Games Show 2014, which may lead Nomura to tease something about Square Enix’s plans for the biggest Japanese gaming event. If the same thing happens like previously, it might be possible we get some very small teasing about FFXV and KH3.

Please, be only a little excited.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer Part XVI Recap

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XIV livestream starts now! It will contain new details about the upcoming patches such as Defenders of Eorzea! Perhaps we will be hearing more about new jobs, marriage system and dungeons. Also, the lead designer of the game, Nobuaki Komoto, will be a special guest and answers fans’ questions as well!

We will update this post as new details are revealed



1. Naoki Yoshida and Toshio Murouchi are discussing about PvP modes: They are working on to a feature that allows you to save all actions and traits per job, so you don’t need to constantly re-do them.

2. In Patch 2.35, they will allow players to use glamours with PvP gear, and they will be adjusting the PvP mode in general as well.
More maps coming to Frontline but it will take some time. Japanese players are most active when it comes to this PvP mode!

3. Mob Hunt talk – a new addition which was released alongside patch 2.3 – allows you to hunt big monsters with other players and gain big rewards. The system has been slightly broken and players have found it a bit problematic, and it has been causing some tension because some players may have rushed too much and haven’t left anything for other players. They have adjusted the new mode a bit and will continue until it pleases everyone.

4. Talk about the Syrcus Tower.

5. Talk about the new dungeon called “Hullbreaker”. For now, we are only fighting Kraken’s tentacles but the Kraken itself will make a comeback later on.

6. A new video clip of Ixal Stronghold and an epic scene with different enemy races!

7.Time to talk about future contents!

8. Talk about Lightning and Snow!

9. A fan asked if there will be additional costumes or hairstyle from previous Final Fantasy series characters similar to Light and Snow where the developers answered they can’t say too much, but you will be able to get famous outfits and hairstyles from some quests added with certain patches!

10. Now they are showing the new Ninja job in action!


Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.14.22
11.Minfilia is making a special presentation of Eorzea’s Economic Trends and changes between spending and earning gils.

12. No big changes but charts are showing how people earn and spend their gils.

Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.23.30
13. A chart about gil spending on housing .

14. Summary of charts


15. Gold Saucer concept artwork!

16. More talking with fans and answering their questions. (Check out the comments section)

17. The first anniversary special event announced! 14 hours live broadcast, special fates such as Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy XI and Lightning Returns will be back! More to come!

Näyttökuva 2014-7-21 kello 15.57.23
18. Moonfire Faire seasonal event revealed!

19. Free trial program revealed: Players get an opportunity to try FFXIV for two weeks then transfer their characters to the full game once the trial ends. More details announced later.

20. Final Fantasy XIV movie contest revealed! Celebrate the first anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV by creating own movie! The contest will be starting in late July.

Weekly News Recap | Weeks XXVIII – XXIX

ffxiii_04_cs1w1_1280x720 (1)

New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn “Frontline” Artwork [6000x8000]

Square Enix has release a new amazing piece of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The artwork is named as “Frontline” which also is known as a new PvP challenge which engages three teams of adventurers, each team representing one of the three Grand Companies, trying to do battle to claim disputed territory. Teams consist of up to 24 players in an alliance, allowing for a grand total of 72 players in a single battle.

FFXIV_Artwork_Frontline illustration_18_1405674832.07.14

First Ever European Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival – Get Tickets NOW


Square Enix has confirmed presale tickets to its first ever FINAL FANTASY® XIV FAN FESTIVAL are now exclusively available to active FINAL FANTASY XIV subscribers across Europe and PAL territories. The European event will be held at London’s Tobacco Dock on 25th October 2014, with similar festivals also being held in Tokyo and Las Vegas on different dates.

FAN FESTIVAL will celebrate everything FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A REALM REBORN™ and will give some of its two million registered fans the chance to meet the game’s developers, participate in in-game events, enjoy live entertainment, bag some exclusive event loot, and much, much more!

Tickets for the London Fan Festival are priced at £65/ €80 per standard ticket, and £85/ €104 per VIP ticket. VIP tickets include access to an exclusive Friday night (24th October) event where you can eat, drink and meet members of the development team. Each Fan Festival ticket will grant access to the main event for 25th October.

How to purchase presale tickets:

1.    This week all players will an active subscription* will be sent an email that includes a unique promotion code to purchase tickets.

2.    On Thursday, 17th July, 2014 at 10 a.m. (BST), advance ticket sales will go live.

3.    Visit the ticket purchase site and enter the unique promotion code found in the email.

4.    Advance ticket sales will be on a first-come, first-served basis and fans may only purchase a maximum of two tickets per order.


How to purchase general sale tickets:

1.    Starting Thursday, 31st July 2014 at 10 a.m. (BST), any remaining tickets will go on sale.

2.    People will not need a promotion code to access the site and purchase tickets.

3.    Previously provided promotion codes will no longer be valid.

4.    Tickets will remain on sale via the website until Thursday, October 24th, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT) or until the event is sold out.

For more information on tickets and ticket T&Cs, please visit the: Lodestone Fan Event Presale Guide and the official event website.

*Subscription must be valid on 9th July 2014

Legacy of Music – Episode 2 – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call



The 16 bit debut of FINAL FANTASY was heralded by FINAL FANTASY IV, which showed to the world that that an RPG could tell a compelling and powerful story. This game and those that followed introduced a host of multi-faceted characters that faced real-world choices and consequences along their journeys. The Active Time Battle system also made its first appearance in this generation, giving a more real-time feel to the combat. Musically, some of the franchise’s most memorable themes made their debut, including Battle on the Big Bridge, which has had many triumphant series returns in a variety of styles.

Square Enix Trademarks “Life Is Strange”


Square Enix has recently trademarked “Life Is Strange”. The trademark covers games, books and other entertainment. It’s also worth-noting it has been registered in Europe, but not in other regions. Saying this, it is likely related to a new IP or a returning franchise by European developers.

You can view the trademark here.

Picture isn’t related to the trademark.

New Final Fantasy Explorers Details: Monster Hunting & Raising, Difficulty, Story, Transportation , Jobs & Customization

Final Fantasy Explorers is a newly announced action RPG game for Nintendo 3DS. To get more details about the game, Famitsu has sat down and made an interview with director Atsushi Hashimoto and project manager Takahiro Abe. During the interview they revealed new information about monster hunting and raising, difficulty, world, story, jobs and customization.



According to Hashimoto and Abe, the game will be enjoyable for both newcomers and people who are seeking for more challenge. It will have more strategic influences when it comes to combining jobs, equipment and abilities. There will be some very challenging quests that might even make players think: “Is this even possible to clear!?”. Players will be able to adjust the difficulty of quests, which is a similar system to Bravely Default.

“I’d like to make [the game] into something that even those who aren’t the best at action games can enjoy,” says Hashimoto. “There will also be things like specific actions that can be used to cancel abilities, and other technical maneuvers for those who are confident in their skills to enjoy.”

“Think of it as something that has the strategic nature of an RPG, together with a focus on combining jobs and abilities that just about anyone can enjoy,” adds Abe. “Of course, we also plan on adding high difficulty quests that will have you going, ‘is this even possible to clear?’ So people who excel at action games will have plenty to look forward to.”

Abe continues, “Additionally, there will be a way to adjust quest difficulty, so those who think ‘this isn’t enough!’ can easily adjust the difficulty to their liking.”


During the interview, Hashimoto and Abe also revealed the “Resonance System,” which lets players combine abilities in order to create even more powerful cooperative moves. Different this system makes the fact the abilities can be used from the distance as well. Abe explained this is because the island of the game has many areas which can be fully explored and they didn’t want to limit players, so developers decided to let them fully explore it even though the players are far from each other. This can be extremely helpful feature is the player is needing help from others, for example.


When talked about transportation in the game, Hashimoto says that the development team is currently working on a system it where Abe laughs and teases, “When it comes to Final Fantasy… airships come to mind.” They also revealed that chocobos won’t be rideable this time, but they  have some amazing plans for chocobos and monsters…


Yes, that’s right! Similar to Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Explorers will be featuring monster hunting and raising. To capture a monster, you must defeat them and hope they will drop a special item, which can be taken back to town and turned into a monster! Almost all monsters can be collected and raised. The most rare monsters are the most powerful as well, and it won’t be easy to acquire them.


Famitsu asked about the story of the game, where Hashimoto answered the following:

“Yes, there’s a main story. Once you make your character, it’ll be your avatar that you’ll play as, but we’re not pushing for the story to have as much emotional involvement compared to the main numbered series,” explains Hashimoto.

He continues, “However, the game goes beyond the island that is the setting of the game, and there is a setting for the whole world, with quest content and NPCs with different speaking mannerisms to show for it.”

“[As you play] you might think ‘there are these kind of characters, so it must be this kind of country?’ or ‘the weapon description says this and that, so maybe it was used by someone in the past?’ This might sound typical of an old game, but I want it to be something that works your imagination.”



Final Fantasy  Explorers will be featuring lots of traditional and new RPG jobs, which can be customized in different ways. For example, you can also make a “Battle White Mage”, if you like. Hashimoto explained more about combining jobs with weapons, items and equipments:

Hashimoto also mentions: “In addition to weapons and equipment, you can switch around abilities to customize your characters, so that makes it possible for all kinds of different party set ups. For example; you can make a party that doesn’t need a White Mage, by using healing items or have other jobs that learned the White Mage’s Cure spell.”

Famitsu also asked if it’s possible to take different abilities from a job to another:

“Actually, no, the ability acquisition isn’t really connected to the jobs,” says Hashimoto. “I thought that the idea of ‘I want to keep playing as a White Mage, but I must change to Black Mage in order to learn offensive magic’ was a little troublesome for this game.”

“Therefore, you can keep playing as a White Mage and learn Black Mage abilities. This might be a little different from conventional Final Fantasy games, but I felt that this would be a good idea when considering the trends of recent players.”

“However, the first abilities you’ll unlock will be connected to jobs,” continues Hashimoto. “For example, an ability that might connect with a Dragoon and spears.”

While talking about the job system, Abe also mentions that Final Fantasy Explorers will feature most of the jobs from the Final Fantasy series but they will be revealing new unique jobs as well. Additionally, there will be over 500 different equipment. Items are also made by combining materials acquired through battles and gathered on the fields.


Thanks for the original translation goes to Siliconera.


Tsuyoshi Sekito Explains The Main Theme of “Final Fantasy Explorers” | Listen Now

Dengeki has made a short interview with Tsuyoshi Sekito, who is the main composer of the upcoming 3DS action RPG game, Final Fantasy Explorer. You may also know his work from the games such as The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy (composing & arrangement in multiple title) and SaGa. During the interview, Sekito explained the build of the theme song and challenges he faced through the progress.

“By the time we were producing the main theme of Final Fantasy Explorers, we only had the key visuals but nothing else. So… you can guess that it made me a bit worried! In the beginning, I had to create songs without really knowing the surroundings or the scene they were used, which is why I tried to compose many songs fitting to different kinds of environments. When meeting with the team for the first time and introducing my songs, I was happy to receive reputation from them, even though some songs didn’t fit that well in the game.

When it comes to the theme song, I tried to create something what fits well to the “explorers” mood.  The song has parts where it is easy going yet dark and adventurous. Even in some parts there you can hear the suffering of the land. In the second half, I switched to the piano arrangement to completely change the mood of the song!”

In the end of the article, Dengeki teases that we will be hearing more about the music this week! Read our “Introducing Final Fantasy Explorers” article for more info about Final Fantasy Explorers.

70 New Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~ Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~ is a new online novel released on Dengeki and Famitsu. It follows a story of the Final Fantasy XIII cast being interviewed and telling about their journey and wishing the last farewell. Below you can view 70 screenshots from already released chapters, which can be read from here.

Square Enix hasn’t yet revealed any plans about possible translation of the novel, but it may be quite problematic since they haven’t translated the previous novels either. Earlier this year, they translated chapters for Drakengard 3 novels, so there might still be a chance though! Anyway, I might include a request in The Thirteenth Farewell about the translation, and who knows, it might actually work! Hah!

Please, enjoy these new screenshots – they are likely the last we will ever get from the Final Fantasy XIII saga. But a few more are coming later this week as the last chapters of novel are released!