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New Tomb Raider Multiplayer Screens, Artwork and Information

Tomb-Raider-boxart-620x387TOMB RAIDER MULTIPLAYER

Multiplayer in Tomb Raider sees the island’s indigenous Scavengers pitted against the crew members from the shipwrecked Endurance – set in some of the island’s hostile landscapes, players will use traversal and hunting skills from single player, plus trap setting to create fast-paced combat in a selection of versus gaming modes.

Some of the key design pillars were to explore ideas that were key to single player, and but look at them differently: things like survival and group survival, traversal and verticality, the island’s characters, their weapons, and environmental threats are all viewed through the lens of multiplayer.

Darrell Gallagher, Studio Head is quoted as saying “For me, the multiplayer has to fit and it has to be fun. We’ve worked hard to make multiplayer fit seamlessly with the single player game and its key themes and we’ve play-tested the hell out of the multi-player game, it’s working well and gamers are enjoying it. Now we’re all just eager to get Tomb Raider into gamers’ hands in March so they can experience the entire game for themselves.”

Playable Characters


• Fixer, Vlad, Mathias, Creeper (and more to be revealed later)


• Roth, Samantha, Alex, Liam, Jonah, Grim and a crew member. (slightly more to be revealed later)


Team Deathmatch

Set Up: Survivors have newly been stranded and the Solarii are intent on destroying them. This is a team mode supporting 2 teams of up to 4 players each.

The winning conditions: The first team to get 25 kills, or be ahead in kills when time expires, wins the round.


Set Up: The survivors have wounded comrades that need medical attention. There are medical supplies throughout the level. The survivors must collect and bring back (Capture the Flag) the medical supplies to the capture zone while the Solarii try to stop this from happening by executing the survivors.

Winning Condition: Survivors capture 5 Medical Supplies, Solarii execute 20 Survivors


Some Tomb Raider Multiplayer Gameplay Ingredients

The levels have many items that either team can use to damage, trap, or kill other players.  Some are shared some are level specific. Here are a few examples, but by no means all:


There is one key difference in the Traversal of each team: the ascender. Only the Solarii have it, and it gives them a quick way to get around the maps and catch up to the survivors. Solarii generally start the maps on higher ground. And they can use the ascender to quickly get to key areas of the map.


Spike Trap

There are levers in some levels, pull them, this will set a trip wire by tapping X.  Any player that walks through it will trigger the spike trap and be killed.

Snare Trap

The levels have many snare traps placed in them. Any player can tap X to activate it, and it will be armed for any unfriendly team.  While trapped in it, the player will be upside down with his pistol drawn, he will be able to shoot, and if he aims at the rope itself, he can shoot himself free.

Rockfall Trap

There are loose rocks in some levels that you can shoot, they will fall and kill any players below.


Shotgun Barrier

Several levels have the shotgun barrier; one shot of the shotgun will break it open, opening another path in the level.


Some levels have Turrets, tap X when close to it to get into turret mode, aim and shot as normal.

Turrets have infinite ammo, but can overheat.  When overheated, the turret requires some time to cool down.

Lightning Rod

The beach level has several lightning rods. Tap X to activate. When active, they have an icon for the friendly team and they are straightened up. When an enemy enters the trigger zone, all players close by to the trigger zone will be struck by lightning and die.

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