Final Fantasy

FINAL FANTASY Eau de toilette ~Noctis~ Will Be Released on 15th June

Square Enix has announced on its official e-store shop site that Final Fantasy Eau de toilette ~Noctis~ perfume will be out on 15th June. The most interesting part of this reveal is that the perfume is called “FINAL FANTASY.” Does this mean a reboot for Final Fantasy -series or are they just saving the name surprise for E3 2013?

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  1. haha
    ”Come try our new fragrance, we’ve spent years trying to perfect a way to smell just like the game and our time and effort has payed off! SMELL LIKE NOCTIS!!”
    that added with ”Please wait a little longer” xD

    • Yes, I can just picture a Steward, like you would find in a department store, standing outside the SE booth offering to let people sample the new fragrance. :D

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