Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


Only few weeks left before E3 2013 where we will be seeing brand new trailers and screenshots for new games such Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the next-gen Final Fantasy.

Today we decided to get you hyped up with a new – a bit remixed – Final Fantasy XIII trailer from FF25th bonus disc which we haven’t seen before. Also now you can joy the new orchestra version of Blinded by Light x Defiers of Fate!

Official Synopsis:

The world of Gran Pulse is sinking into the sea and what remains is now called Nova Chrysalia.

With only thirteen days remaining until the end of the world, Chaos reigns in a world that never ages. New life cannot be born. People need salvation.

As Lightning, it is your mission to save as many souls as possible so that they may be brought to the new world. Along the journey, you will encounter familiar faces and engage new foes in all new lands. You must ultimately choose which souls to save and which to abandon…and fully understand Lightning’s true destiny.

It all ends here.

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  1. haha – i actually did that for KH2 xD – i have so many saves for that game – the same goes for starting a new game just to see that opening – love it to bits!
    I think it would be a great idea to include it into LR since its the last in the series – get to have a look back – maybe unlocking it when you complete the game – then you can watch everything movie style
    and hopefully they dont do a ‘previously on….’ – hate them :l – well….generally in any media tbh – annoying especially since ive been playing the game 24/7 lol – its pretty easy to remember what i did the previous day :p

    • Ya I know what u mean. I feel bad cuz they probably though it was a cool idea but it just ends up driving us crazy. XD

      • yeah – when i first played the game and saw it i thought it was a pretty cool feature – but after watching it the 2nd….3rd time i didnt see the point and just always skipped it – since i didnt need to be constantly reminded of what i did a couple of hours earlier lol
        When it comes to shows or anime i can forgive them for using it since the episodes are shown weekly – but when you have the DVD or boxset they dont get rid of it – it takes up too much time, and its a bit of a nuisance since im watching each episode one after the other – so theres no point :l
        Maybe for LR or games in general they could show it in a different way (wasnt that keen on the way the scenes were edited together in 13-2) – an option to turn it off or maybe it can notice when your last play session was so – if youve been playing each day then theres no need for it – but if youve stopped and go back to it months later – itll be a little hard to remember where you left off and what you were doing – the game will notice the time difference (or check the date) between the last play and show you a ‘Previously on….’

      • Great idea. In ff13-2 there was only a few times I wanted to see Hopes face in the previews and then I was like Skip skip skip SKIP plz (even though Hope was better looking this time XD).

  2. I know what ya mean about a theater mode though. Since LR is going to be the most polished ff ever I think it would b cool to have (just like u said we wouldn’t have to play it just so we could see it again.)

    • Exactly! :)
      Kinda how in the KH 1.5 HD Remix – with 358/2 Days – theyve put all the cutscenes together – and you can watch it all in one go
      There were quite a few scenes in 13 where after seeing it for the first time – i immediately wanted to see it again lol – and i know in 13-2 you can see everything again via turning back time and replaying areas – but…. i just want to sit back and watch it all in one go xD
      Be funny if there was a cinema in one of the towns in the game – ‘buy a ticket to watch a scene’ :p

      • You know before u mentioned the theater mode I though it would b nice if we could just press a button and u could replay all the scenes u wanted to see. Like in FFXIII I went through the game and saved parts just so I could see the scenes again (nerdy I know). Like the scene where hope and lightning get caught in palumpolum and when they came back to cocoon and landed on the race track ( love snows scene when he said “probably should’ve covered that” and Lightnings scene were the guy says you die then she says you first.)

  3. ^ Would love to go to E3 too someday – would be fun :)
    Cant wait to see the new trailer :D
    One thing that i would love to have in LR is a theatre mode – like in FFX where you could purchase, watch and even listen to cutscenes, and music – i always enjoyed that feature in X – since there were so many epic scenes that i loved to watch over and over haha (plus it saved me having to start a new game just to see a particular scene again, this was however before i even explored youtube lol) – be a great add in LR since the scenes are damn beautiful! – they did have the ‘look back’ feature in 13-2 where it would roughly explain what happened in 13 (had hoped those would be full on scenes from the game but sadly it wasnt…) – would love it if they added a theatre in but i doubt it xD

    • That would b cool though I found out about the theater mode in x-2. I loved picking a song to listen and drawing while it played (that was before I had my phone). =)

      • I cant remember the theatre in X-2 :s (havent played it in soooo long!) – but yeah i know what you mean! – in X i always listened to ‘Seymours theme’ and ‘Challenge’ – those 2 are my favs! :3 – with the cutscenes i thought that was a great add since it helps remember and with the ones that were just visually epic – you couldnt just see them once haha :p

  4. Yay I want to go to E3 so bad, and I’m only a state away. I’m really looking forward to what E3 is going to have for us.

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