Hiring New Content Creators

For the very first time in Square Portal history, we’ve decided to hire new content creators. Square Portal has become one of the leading Square Enix news sites and community pages in less than two years, and received recognition and used as a source for the biggest gaming websites in the world such as IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, Eurogamer and Destructoid, for example. This is why, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our site and its content. Being innovative and risky actions are what we’re willing to continue doing in the future as well. This is why we’ve decided to hire new content creators, who may even be you!

We are looking for creative, passionate and open-minded people with knowledge of Square Enix games such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Dragon Quest, Thief and other. We don’t demand expertise of every series, but it would be great if you had decent knowledge of one series, at least. It’s highly recommended to follow game industry as a daily basis. We don’t demand 100% perfect knowledge of English as long as it meets our standards.



  • A loving, open-minded and passionated team (workaholics)
  • A great and growing community
  • A chance to review and play the newest/unreleased games for free
  • A great asset for the future plans
  • A possibility to visit the biggest and most interesting game events
  • Make interviews and talk with the developers



  • Passionated
  • Open-minded
  • Not writing for other sites
  • Knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of Square Enix Games
  • Enough time to create content and focus on site


  • Knowledge of Japanese
  • An active Final Fantasy XIV player
  • Own some of these platforms: Xbox One / PS4 / Vita / 3DS / PS3 / X360 / PC / Mobile
  • Website Coding & Designing Skills
  • Other special skills: Let us know!


You can apply by filling the contact form below or by sending the same information to our email address. (squareportal@outlook.com) Use title “Application”.

In your application: tell about yourself and attach an example of your work, which can be a news post, review, guide, preview, article, video or something else. Your example content must be fresh and not something what’s already on our site. We don’t demand any past experience, but it’s always useful to mention about it. We appreciate the most your uniqueness, passion and creativeness! All applications will be read, and we will be replying to them. The most promising ones will be interviewed by our editor-in chief. (chat)

This isn’t a paid job since Square Portal only funds its maintenance (url, servers etc.) with ads. All things are created and shared by passionated fans.

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  1. Are you guys going to say anything when you receive the application? Or only if the person passed to the next round of ‘evaluation’?

    • Once your application is sent there won’t an automatic reply. However, I will be reviewing all applications, and will reply them all and tell my personal thoughts, and will the person continue to the next round.

      There aren’t any limits how many people are chosen – that’s why I’m looking forward to see everyone’s messages. :)


      • Thanks for the quick reply =) It’s just that I’m always worrying about these things since I’m a little paranoid xD I also entered in the 13th Farewell Book and since I haven’t got any reply I always think that I might have misspelled my e-mail >.<

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