Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


The E3 DEMO GAMEPLAY video highlights a selection of gameplay footage from the newly revealed city of Yusnaan. Viewers will get a glimpse of some exotic new enemies and a closer look at the action-orientated battle-system.

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  1. stealth736: I believe that one can still debate on what the Maker is.

    If you analyze the Analects, you find out that the Maker is suggested to be a group of entities. The maker to Cocoon is Lindzei. The Maker to Gran Pulse is Pulse. Sometimes the Maker is a reference to Bhunivelze. It’s kinda confusing.

    Bhunivelze created Etro, Pulse, and Lindzei and then went to sleep in crystal. Those entities were created so that they can find a way into the Unseen Realm (Valhalla), and when they do so, Bhunivelze shall awaken. Etro wanted the attention of Bhunivelze, so she tore her body apart and was thus sent to Valhalla. From her blood humans were created.

    When did Bhunivelze become god? The Maker in Japanese is actually called “God”. I guess it’s censorship or some sort of thing. Bhunivelze is also God/The Maker relative to any other entity.

    My own perception of who is “God” in FFXIII: Bhunivelze is God relative to the 3 entities he created, and they are thus fal’Cie relative to him/her. Those fal’Cie are Gods relative to the fal’Cie they create (Such as Lindzei being the God/Goddess to all fal’Cie on Cocoon) And the fal’Cie such as Orphan or Eden are god-like beings relative to the human race.

    I hope this explains things. I read the ffwiki pages on this, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

    • Thanks for the explanation, Ziab and nv8! That really cleared things up…while simultaneously provoking more questions! XD

      • haha – it is rather boggling lol :p
        I find they didnt explain it too well in game – it wasnt until i fancied reading up on the FF Wiki that this info came into full bloom lol – there was quite a bit there that was completely new to me :)

  2. This is going to be great! I noticed there were quite a few changes too–like she doesn’t flip up over the ladder’s end when she gets to the top, and that her various grunts are different than before. Although I do have a question: When did Bhunivelze become “God”? I thought he was referred to as “the Maker”.

    • I’m kinda wondering the same thing. There’s really no mention of Bhunivelze any more all I’ve heard so far is “god” this “god” that. And it also sounds like this “god” is female are they still talking about Etro? It sounds like the story a long with the game play is evolving to. =)

    • *Did a bit of research* – He’s actually always been a God :p – just like Pulse, Lindzei and Etro
      ”The Maker” is a term given to a being that created the Fal’Cie and the world of Pulse – eventually the Maker departed the world – Hallowed Pulse is the name given to the Maker in certain Analects discovered on Pulse, and the world is named after it
      It is possible “The Maker” is a term which does not refer to one deity in particular – For Cocoon fal’Cie, their maker is Lindzei, while for Gran Pulse fal’Cie, their maker is Pulse – It is implied both lots of fal’Cie wish to be reunited with their respective makers – Another figure the term “Maker” may refer to is Bhunivelze, the god who is said to have created Pulse, Lindzei and Etro – In that retrospect, Bhunivelze is the creator of the world and all things through his three creations :)

  3. Looks very smooth! – gameplay, movement and graphic wise – looks pretty fun too
    Been wondering – how do you pronounce ‘Yusnaan’? O_o
    Damn….wanna see more footage xD

  4. Wow this looks like this game is going to b so fun to play ( this is just adding more hype to me XD). And I really like the way lightning talks to though the game, as if to help u with your next step (so it won’t be like Hope telling u ur every step).

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