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First Look to PS4 Design


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  1. Everything’s look great, but I do have one request on how we are given the freedom to choose which region console sold in the region. An example, if I from USA, I may have the option of choosing a Asia or American console to my preference, because I stay in Asia, I always only force to buy PS4 Asia console, that what I dislike about Sony PS4. I wanted to play Persona 4: Arena[USA] but end up buying the Asian version because of the region lock in the game for the console. Hope you give the gamer more freedom on the choice of console to select. I mostly play USA games but dislike Asia game because of a silly voice-over with subtitle. Pls improve by including it in your global sales and marketing strategies for PS4 gamer. Hope I not complaining too much, hope you understand the plea from a gamer or gamers as we do not like region-lock for our games. To Sony Console Creators and Sony CEOs alike.

    • PlayStation 4 isn’t region locked so you can play Asian, Europeans and American etc. games on it without worrying! Same to PS3! :)

  2. The design looks alright – itll take some time to getting used to – the stuff theyve been showing have been good :)

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