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  1. This looks great! I love the scene where child!Noctis doesn’t like his food! XD I also think it was a wise decision to make this FF15. Now they aren’t restrained to 13’s world, and they can expand as they please.

  2. I’ll post this in here – John! – you seen the new footage/gamplay that was released for Versus /FF15? :) –

  3. I lost it when they played this – looks goddamn amazing!!
    One thing im curious about – since Versus originally had the same mythos as the 13 series – did they keep that concept or completely change it – came up with something new? – to keep it separate from 13 since its now FF15?

    • I’m wondering about that too. Guess Stella will no longer be talking about Etro, but perhaps another goddess instead. Or, maybe that entire idea has been scrapped b/c of the 13 trilogy.

      • Yeah was thinking that since it looked like they changed her design aswell? – if i am to assume the girl with the light, short blonde hair is her now? – it does look like alot has changed

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