Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Your First Lightning Returns Playthrough Will Likely Take 50 Hours

Yuji Abe was interviewed by Famitsu at Gamescom and he revealed new big changes to the basic systems of Lightning Returns. We have earlier reported that they have expected players to complete the game in +20 hours but due to these new changes it will likely take 50 hours instead of originally planned.  He also mentions that it’s still possible to complete the game in 20 hours if the player rushes and skips all the side missions and events.

Like earlier revealed, you can get more time by completing different kinds of quests and beating enemies but you can also avoid doing them. This will keep your level low and make the game more challenging but you will also miss some important information and events.

Thanks to Jérémie for the translation!

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  1. Awesome this is like the best new feature they’ve added XD. I’m use to taking a long time in an FF series so I’m really glad to hear it. Hmm a new charterer, the more news we get the more I see this game will have a lot of meat to it ( not literally of course XD). Thanks for the NEWS!!! =) ^·^

  2. Nice! – previously i did think that 20 or so hours was pretty short – but 50hrs…… i’ll likely take longer xD – every FF game i have played – ive done at least 100hrs – 200 tops (with the exception of Dissidia since that drove me to play it for 550hrs lol)
    A new character? – would that be the reveal of one we already know (by the gods….Caius please! – one can dream lol) – or a brand new one to the series – interested now to see who it is and whether theyll be important to the story or will it just be a side character that rarely appears

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