LONDON (September 17, 2013) – TAITO, a wholly-owned by Square Enix, today announced a special collaboration between TAITO’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad rhythm game GROOVE COASTER and 1st PLACE’s VOCALOID3.


For the first part of the crossover event, GROOVE COASTER and IA will be exhibited at the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris event being held in Paris, France, from Friday, September 20, to Sunday, September 22. The GROOVE COASTER ZERO app will also host a special event that includes a new playable track featuring IA.

[IA Clubline Pack Contents ($4.99)]
World Calling (TeddyLoid Remix) / JIN; Over Drive / TeddyLoid; NO feat. IA / ASY; ENE no Dennou Kikou / JIN.


About Groove Coaster: Zero

Released for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, GROOVE COASTER ZERO is a free-to-play rhythm game. The game offers exhilarating roller coaster action with simple one-finger controls; players simply touch to the rhythm. Boasting a variety of new features, the game is an expanded follow-up to 2011’s internationally award-winning GROOVE COASTER.

The core game includes more than 20 free playable tracks, as well as offering a wide variety of VOCALOID, J-POP, video game music, and original songs as extra downloadable content. GROOVE COASTER ZERO continues to grow, with more appealing tracks on the way.

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