Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Extended TGS13 Trailer

idhwedeiSquare Enix has released an extended version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII TGS13 trailer, as promised.  The new longer version has brand new music and scenes. What a great way to end or start your Sunday!

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      • Yeah, but Snow can’t be saved, Caius is alive, and Lightning’s only main antagonist to deal with is a pink-haired penguin! I like Snow, he’s my favorite character yet the developers decided to crap on him and make him a villain, and Caius is a pathetic immortal with a crappy anime voice, they should’ve made up a new main villain but NO, the girls are crazy for Mr. ‘I-DON’T-BELIEVE-YOU’! And some Serah/penguin lady is saying Shakespeare crap as if she’s all powerful, It’s boring and an obvious ringer to her becoming the final boss! They should’ve brought Dysley back, he began Hell for the heroes, killing him should be the way to end it (if he’s the villain again). Final Fantasy XIII started out in a different setting, but the bitches wanted ‘magic’, so the franchise was ruined by the bitchy fans! Party Members would’ve been great to, NOT Pokemon-like monsters, actual, main character, not one or two character Party Members!

        • Actually, Snow isn’t a villain in this game but you just happen to fight against him to free his soul from the chaos that is taking control of him. And FFXIII-2 secret endings hinted that Caius would be back since only Etro died when her heart in Caius was destroyed.

          The lady penguin is Lumina btw and she actually is very cool. And Dysley already died in XIII, bringing him back would be very confusing and stupid. And there are party members in the game too! E.g Fang joins in the battles at some point of the story. Haven’t you follow the news?

          I don’t get how the game can turn out awful if it just doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s funny how you say these “bitchy fans” ruined the series by wanting things from FFXIII since it didn’t meet their ideas or expectations. It’s funny because you are doing exactly the same now.

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