IMERUAT’s Second Album Coming This Year

Big news coming from Mina and Masashi Hamauzu! We’re happy to reveal that IMERUAT will be releasing their second studio album THIS YEAR. Yeah, that’s right! Mina confirmed it on Twitter earlier today! Sadly, she didn’t reveal the name of the album or any songs yet.

The album reveal came us as a big surprise since Hamauzu has been composing new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII music the whole year. However, this shouldn’t be such a surprise since IMERUAT makes an appear on the soundtrack of Lightning Returns in the new song which is a mix of Crimson Blitz and Blinded by Light. [No official naming revealed yet]

We’re more than excited to hear more about the new album! More news… coming soon! You can buy their first album BLACK OCEAN  here! [Physical album & Digital edition]

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  1. Just awesome! I loved their first album “Black Ocean” a lot and it is totally worth 9.99€ if you love experimental music and FFXIII OST! Imeeeruuuuaaattt!

    I wonder whic kind of artistic direction they choose with this one!

  2. Fantastic news! Impressive considering Hamauzu has also been busy in recent times with “α” CLOCK, Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy X HD Remaster!

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