Merry Christmas! X’mas Collection II by Square Enix Announced

X'mas_Collections_coverAh! It’s less than three months until Christmas! And it’s almost snowing here in Finland as well! Oh, can you already smell the food? Or hear the lovely music? And the most importantly, see the presents! P-P-P-PRESENTS?!

If you are facing troubles buying a present for your friend again this year, Square Enix may have revealed something that can help you! And it’s X’mas Collection II! This new special winter album features Christmas-themed arrangements from Final Fantasy, SaGa Frontier and Sigma Harmonics series, for example.

The first track, that has been announced, is “Final Fantasy III Medley” arranged by Tsuyoshi Sekito and Yasuhiro Yamanaka. People who order the first-print copy of the record will be receiving a special package. X’mas Collection II will be available on November 27th, 2013! [in Japan]

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    • Hmm here in the US ( for my family) its gotta be Thanksgiving first,and then right after Thanksgiving we start getting ready for Christmas. For me its a little early ( that’s me though XD)

  1. For a moment i was thinking – ‘Its a bit early to be Christmas, what is going on’ xD
    September isnt even over yet and theyre already advertising for Christmas :p
    You have snow? :o – here in Wales its changing between rain and sun – one moment its autumn weather the next its like summers back lol

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