Final Fantasy

New Final Fantasy Announced for PlayStation 4

Kuvankaappaus 2013-2-21 kello 0.49.57Square Enix announced at PS4 event that they are developing a new Final Fantasy game for PlayStation 4. They also showed us the Agni’s Philosophy demo which made us wonder that are they going to use it for Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

It was promised that there will be new information about this new title this year – most likely at E3! LOOK FORWARD TO IT!

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  1. Well it could possibly be Versus. At least then they would have some kind of an excuse for everything.

    Otherwise I’m expecting it to be a XIII style XV reveal.

    But who actually knows when they’ll reveal something. Since announcing this I’ve already hear so many people say they’ll buy a PS4 because Final Fantasy is coming to it. This could easily just be done just to hype people up to increase sales and confidence. Could be 5 years before we see this game, but thanks to this in 3 years from now, before what could be a possible reveal, people won’t think SE are dead, have no hope for the future or you know, some shit like that.

  2. I expect it to be FF15 – perhaps? :0
    I also hope to GOD that Versus shows up at E3 this year – wasnt surprised it didnt show up at the Sony convention (although it wouldve been great!) – since it was more about the PS4 than PS3 – Versus is supposedly coming to 3
    Bring on E3!!

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