Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Brand New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay [Wildlands]


We’ve new gameplay from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for you! This time we’re getting a closer look to Wildlands – an area similar to Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII. You can get a closer look to a few new costumes, gameplay and mission(s). If you listen to carefully, you may even hear new songs as well!

The host also shows a sneak peak of Wildlands’ map which looks huge! That’s some good news for fans of big open areas! We’ll also face a few challenging battles against behemoth and brand new monsters.


To not spoil you too much, we deleted a spoilerish scene from the gameplay, so it should be saver to watch for people who just want to see more gameplay and how the area looks like. However, we left a preview of the cutscene we cut away to the banner picture of the post! What could it be?!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be released on February 11 in North America and February 14 in Europe.

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  1. Looks great I can see this guy was using strategy to beat that last boss, which is what I love to see in a action based game play. The map was a plus I liked all that room to run around in. And I still like that purple out fit that she gets to wear. Looking forward to getting my hands on this game. =)

  2. Incredible! The map of Wildlands sure looks huge – can’t wait to explore it! The gameplay looks so stylish and I’m happy to finally see a person who can actually fight well in this game! I tried to listen to the OST carefully and boss theme sounds amazing! O.o

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