Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Vanille Becomes a Saint and Lightning Gets Even Prettier Dress [New Screenshots & Artwork]

Lightning-Returns-Final-Fantasy-XIII_2013_10-09-13_001.jpg_600We got a serious Lightning fever! Alongside the new 17 minutes gameplay clip, Square Enix has shared brand screenshots and artwork of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The new assets are featuring Oerba Dia Vanille and brand new garb for Lightning.

Lightning-Returns-Final-Fantasy-XIII_2013_10-09-13_002.jpg_600The official description of Vanille: “As Vanille opened her eyes from her long sleep, she realized she was given a special gift; she could hear the voices of the dead. Dubbed the ‘saint,’ Vanille now spends her days under the Order’s protection in Luxerion.”

We also got new screenshots and artwork starring Lightning in her “Purple Moon,” outfit and new battle scenes.

The new online feature called the “Outerworld Service” was reintroduced as well. It lets players share their own screenshots, messages, and scores on different kinds of social media.

Thanks for the additional Vanille info, Gematsu!

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  1. Yeah Vanille would be able to do something wired like hearing the voice of the dead XD, are we sure she’s not lying again jk jk. It looks though that Fang and Lightning are trying to ask her something, but Vanilles got all those over protective body guards. Looking interesting =)

  2. I wonder when Square Enix is planning on launching their clothing line. This game is surely the beginning of something! =)

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