Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay and Screenshots from Press Tour

Recently, Square Enix arranged a press tour in Europe where they let the press get their first impressions of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII alongside making interviews with the developers.


At the tour, the demo was an extended version of Wildlands gameplay we already saw as a trailer a few weeks ago. This time it just let players to see farther the chocobo scene and actually take a control of it after its wounds had been cured. Chocobo also joins in battles like in Final Fantasy XIII-2!


Check out the preview provided by German site, Computec Media, and our screenshots from the video! (Scenes are suffering of low quality since they are taken from compressed Youtube footage) Have an awesome weekend! Lightning Returns will be released 14th February in Europe and in a few weeks in Japan!

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    • They haven’t mentioned anything about PS4 version and I think LR:FFXIII won’t see one since it’s not as big financial release as earlier parts of the series. There have also been problems with crystal tools and I’m not sure is it easy to port that engine to next-gen consoles since other companies have been struggling with their engines as well.

      • big financial i think LR is better than XIII-2

        i heard about crystal tools is not suitable for open world games :( so sad i need now to be on my knees to Borrow ps3 from my freinds lol

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