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Square Enix Shows Desire In Making A New Dissidia


Producer Ichiro Hazama has expressed his desire in an interview about making a new Dissidia game, along with doing something special for Chrono Trigger‘s 20th Anniversary. Together with producer Yoshinori Kitase, they have seen how both Dissidia and Theatrhythm  introduced a new and young generation of fans to the Final Fantasy series.

I want to make a new Dissidia, and we intend to do so. The people who’ve worked on the previous titles have also stated their desire to make a new one, too. When you ask kids in their teens about their favorite Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dissidia are more popular than the main-numbered series.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy came out on the PlayStation Portable 5 years ago as a fighting RPG which featured a roster of protagonists from the mainline titles. It was followed by the prequel Dissidia: Duodecim and the universe’s own spin-off Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm game that was released on the Nintendo 3DS last year. The latter’s sequel, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, is due to be released next year on the same platform.

via: Siliconera

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  1. Off topic: Why is this article trending? It’s 10 months old!
    On topic: What’s the news on the topic? I haven’t heard a lot from it, while expressing my wish SE would develop Dissidia for a wide spectrum of consoles. Since some Portable games are coming to PS4, this would be a great addition to it!

  2. i am happy that they are thinking for a new dissidia but for the new characters they must at last add:

    Zack final fantasy crisic core ( i thought ill see him in the Duodecim but no they didnt i was like :O WTH hes one of the most favorite characters in the whole FF games really who doesnt want the FIRST CLASS SOLDER ZACK FAIR )

    Ramza final fantasy tactics ( really ? no one want him in the new game ?? :( FFT is one of my best game out there if u havent tried it plz do)

    well…thats if theres a new game witch we all hope its true i am looking forward for this :D

  3. @v3ronica7
    When you transfer gameplay from a handheld to the big screen – everything is just massive and in your face lol – so used to it on a small screen
    Fair enough :) – oh definitely – cant miss out on any FF games out there :p

  4. Dissidia isn’t exactly better than the numbered titles. The only numbered titles that truly sucked are the ones after Final Fantasy X. Also, Dissidia was great at first, but the prequel kinda ruined it for me when the creators put in fighters who didn’t match u with each other, they didn’t have their own hero or villain to fight, they were just random. If I could recommend one thing for any future Dissidia project, it would be for the new heroes to have new villains to oppose them, and that they’d be from the same game as they were, like the original cast of characters of the first game. Like for instance…

    1. (Final Fantasy IV) Kain VS Zemus

    2. (Final Fantasy V) Galuf VS Gilgamesh

    3. (Final Fantasy VII) Tifa VS Reno

    4. (Final Fantasy VIII) Laguna VS Adel

    5. (Final Fantasy X) Yuna VS Seymour

    6. (Final Fantasy XI) Shantotto VS Eald’narche

    7. (Final Fantasy XI) Prishe VS Kam’lanaut

    8. (Final Fantasy XII) Vaan VS Vayne

    9. (Final Fantasy XII) Ashe VS Gabranth

    10. (Final Fantasy XIII) Lightning VS Dysley

    Now THESE would be a great addition to a future Dissidia project. However, if others from the other titles could appear, that would be pretty neat. Like 3 heroes and 3 villains from the same game each. Characters like Vivi, Snow, Zeid, Bahamut, and even the Four Fiends could make great additions to!

    Thanks for reading, and good luck in the future.

  5. Sweet mother of Jesus – YES!!! – ALL OF MY YES!! :D
    Dissidia is my most favourite FF ‘series’ – the first game i spent over 550hrs just playing it – only had 3 achievements left to do to 100% it – would take too long to do though since i need all weapons, accessories and beat time attack in 20 mins (which i almost did lol) – compared to the first game – i havent done that much in Duodecim – still quite a bit of side stuff left to finish – i will get round to finishing it eventually lol – hopefully by this next one :3
    As for characters (i presume they will be doing the 11th War next) – Tidus wont be in it since it was mentioned in the 12th War that it was his first appearance – so i highly expect to see Seymour to fill in his place for X’s antagonist (when they take out Jecht – im hoping for Auron to come in) – for FF7 im thinking it might be the same roster for now and as they go back eventually bring in Zack, Vincent etc.- hoping for someone new for FF6 like Locke – and i really really really want to have Caius :3 (he has the same voice actor as Kain so itll be weird lol)
    For story i can only guess and say – in the 13th War they had the manikins – then in the 12th the story was based on them – so for the 11th War maybe it could be about the gates? since that was introduced in the 12th War? :)

    • First off yes another dissidia would be awesome, in fact after I beat dissidia douodesem (I think I spelled douodesem wrong) I was so looking forward to them making another one.
      @ nv8hft
      I believe at the end of douodesem Lightning is the one who destroyed the gates, that the manikins were coming out of, with her blade (just ignore what I said if ur not talking about the manikin gate). =)

      • yep – me too – been a while now since Duodecim came out – i knew they couldnt leave it at just 2 games covering only 2 of the 13 Wars – but i do remember them mentioning that they were a little tired of the genre for the moment and wanted to do something else in the meantime – fair enough – but its good to know theyre showing interest in it again :)
        The gates i was on about was the ones you find out and about on the field (world map) – not the gate the manikins spawned from :p
        Im sure this one will come out for the Vita – then itll give me an incentive to buy it lol – plus they can use the touch pad on the back and implement it into the fights :)

        • O ok gotcha, and getting a vita is at my finger tips but I just need a good game I’m going to buy for it, i.e. ffx or dissidia. Kinda think they’re going to put this game on the vita too btw. =)

          • Yeah there are some games on there that i wouldnt mind trying but none are a must have you know – if a FF or even a KH come out for it – i’ll buy a Vita instantly and then proceed to get the other games i have a fair interest in – there is FFX|X-2 HD but i’ll be getting that for the PS3 for the moment – down the line i think i will get it for Vita :)
            Yeah i have a feeling itll stick to portables – but i know alot of people want it to come to consoles – which would be awesome – i did transfer some of my replays from the game to my PS3 – watching them on the big screen – theres so much happening – a bit crazy to watch haha

          • I’m hoping it’ll come out on the new consoles, that’d be awesome XD. But for now vita my bet. I think hooking my play throughs on the big screen is a good idea, I know I miss a lot of detail on the small screen. Yeah me too I need a motivation to buy a vita as I said before, but scene I don’t own a ps3, getting a vita would be way cheaper and worth buying for playing ffx and dissidia. =)

    • A little while ago – Gio Corsi (Director of Third Party Production for Sony PlayStation) asked us – the fans – via twitter – to tell him what games we wanted to see on the PS systems – he got thousands of requests (which he added all to his list) – many of which were for Type-0 to come overseas – he and Adam Boyes have mentioned quite a bit lately of Type-0 being on their list (so they definitely know we all want this) and that they are working to get everything we mentioned done – so it is good news to hear – all we have left to wait for is an official announcement :p

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