IMERUAT RETURNS! With a New Album, Songs and Music Video

IMERUAT HAS RETURNED! Masashi Hamauzu’ and Mina’s band has made a comeback with a new album called “Propelled Life” which will be out later this year.

To celebrate the new record, IMERUAT has released a brand new music video for “TeNiOE”. The music video is directed by  Shoko Takada and it’s available on YouTube.

Imeruat has also uploaded brand new samples to Soundcloud. You can listen to them below this post!

  • TeNiOE
  • N-Chart
  • Fei Fei Fei-Propelled
  • ヴァルヴァーラの野望
  • 野を越えて
  • イメルア体操第四

Last year, Imeruat also worked on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack and as collaboration they created a song called “Crimson Blitz” that was used in the very first trailer and later in the official soundtrack.

(If you got a chance to interview Masashi Hamauzu & IMERUAT, what would you like to ask from them? Post your questions to the comments! ;)

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