Tomb Raider

A Hands-on Overview Of The Tomb Raider Experience In The Next Gen

Described as not simply an up-scaled visual version of the successful reboot that came out last year, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition  refines the full experience impressively through a thorough re-working of the visual presentation and optimization of the game’s technical performance.

A new face and head model was given to the lead protagonist Lara Croft, breathing a new life into her with her character fantastically sustained by her animation and remarkable voice work. Her character’s realistic impression has been amplified; her distressed reactions can be felt even stronger and technology such as subsurface scattering helps give her skin a more realistic glow.

Thorough attention has been payed at the rest of the world’s details, such as refining the textures of Lara’s equipment and injecting more life to the different elements of the environments. All this combined running on a smooth framerate on native 1080p delivers an authentic experience it’s aiming for, exclusive to next gen.

For this edition Crystal Dynamics has included all the multiplayer DLCs, the Dark Horse comic, and the complete artbook, all available in the game’s menu amongst other additions.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be available for the PS4 on January 28th this year. 

Via: PlayStation

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