Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets an Exclusive Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Controller has recently revealed their special deal for North American Lightning and Final Fantasy XIII fans – a special PS3 controlled themed by Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. In 2013, two special Lightning Returns PS3 controllers – black and red – were released in Asia and Japan. North America will be getting the black one.

The controller is priced for $59,99 and will be available on 11th February. You can order it here! North America is also getting Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition that is exclusively available on Square Enix NA Store.

Editor’s thoughts time! It’s exactly 33 days before the release of Lightning Returns in Europe. North American fans will be getting a new collector’s edition with lots of goodies and a special controller. But what will be Europe getting? A steelbook. Since it’s likely limited to special retailers, all pre-orderers aren’t even getting it. This leaves me quite disappointed. At the worst, Europe mainly means United Kingdom, Germany and France.

It seems rather weird that European fans are literally getting nothing compared to North American or Japanese, especially when this is Lightning’s last adventure and goodbye for the thirteenth saga. I really hope Square Enix Europe has planned us something special. Sadly, it seems unlikely since they have already confirmed on Twitter that Europe isn’t getting a collector’s edition.

What do you think about this situation? Disappointed? Does not matter? Happy?

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  1. You guys seem to have forgotten that Canada is a part of North American too, yet see always get raped when it comes to CEs.

    We have to pay taxes and shipping. My copy of Lighting Returns is going to cost me 140$CAD

  2. I am very disappointed in the Square Enix. How can they do this with their fans, I love the game, I got the XIII CE and the XIII-2 CE (w/ steelbook also) and I want the last piece of my collection. I am really sad :(

  3. i think it’s really sad,
    i have bothe ce edition from the previous instalments, and now this,
    first the slap in the face for not getting a collector’s edition<
    but to top it all off north america is getting other exclusives aswell,
    i don't know why ?
    and i don't think it's fair !

  4. I think it’s really really messed up for EU not to get a CE. I’m a fan and I’m happy I get a CE (not gloating sorry if u think I am) but because I’m a fan, I’m disappointed that other fans won’t be getting a CE =( and shear the happiness.

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