Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Style Your Own Lightning to Win Final Fantasy XIII Goodies

UPDATE: We got so many artworks from the fans that we’re able to reveal the winners in the end of the week. Please be patient!

Who’s the prettiest of them all? Or who has the most talent? Who puts the bass in their catwalk? Who’s the queen of the world? Fierce? Sassy? The girl behind the aura?

Are you ready for the first competition of Square Portal’s third anniversary week!? Today, your mission is to become a personal fashion designer for Lightning. Yeah, that’s right! Our girl has got tired with all these Versace, Chanel and other millionaire designer’s dresses. She wants to wear something fierce. Something unique. Experimental. That even the fashion queens of the world would be jealous!
dfdfsfSince in Lightning Returns, outfits (also known as garbs) play a big role when it comes to customization in the game, we have decided that your mission is to create a new garb for Lightning. Your style is free. Draw, paint, edit a video etc. You can also add description why this outfit is the best for Light and perhaps reveal if it has any special abilities.


The competition also has very high-fashion prizes and TWO WINNERS will be receiving a Lightning Returns themed bag, an artcard and stickers.  (You won’t find these anywhere else!) The best outfits will be shared on our page as well!


1. Design an outfit for Lightning. (Draw, paint, do something unique etc. –  Style is free)

2. The competition is open for everyone!

3. Email your outfit with title “Lightning Giveaway” before 19th January to SQPRGiveaway(AT) (at=@) 

4. The winners of the competition will be revealed on 20th January when Square Portal anniversary week has ended.

We hope you will have fun while designing an outfit for Lightning, and don’t stress so much about drawing etc. – the most important thing is the idea. :)

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  1. too bad I can’t draw… Forte is writing than drawing :( I’ll just be buying the C.E of the game to get some Lightning Returns goodies. Good luck guys!

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