Tomb Raider

ARE YOU A SURVIVOR? Win a Copy of Tomb Raider [PS3] + Artbooks


Do you have what it takes to become a survivor like Lara Croft? Do you really think you could survive alone on an island full of maniacs and ancient mysteries? Not to mention the beasts who can smell your flesh and fear!

Just think of what can happen when your canned food runs out and there are no supplies left! You can starve to death! Or when your devices’ batteries are of no use anymore and you don’t have access to your essential sites such as Square Portal and Twitter. And no, there aren’t any saviors like Johnny and Lightning to come for you. Perhaps there is hope. It’s you.  Will you take control and survive? If so, tell us how!
tombraidersurvivalsqprThis is the essential survival sheet designed and provided by Square Portal since we want you to survive longer than a few minutes. It would be such a shame! This is what every self-aware survivor needs to survive the upcoming challenges in the wilderness!

To succeed in this ultimate competition, you need to choose your gear, clothing, weapon, inventory, sidekick and music well. They are basically everything a beginner survivor needs – and perhaps helps you through a zombie apocalypse. Living deaths are just way too mainstream for this competition though!


A screenshot from the upcoming Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition [PS4, XBOX ONE]



Fill the survival sheet by adding pictures of your equipment of choice or or simply write your plans if you aren’t familiar with picture editing. (View the survival sheet here)

Share your survival sheet with us by…

  • Posting  to the comments section of this post. (remember log in with a right email/user so we can contact you)
  • Tweeting with #SQPRGiveaway hashtag.
  • Emailing to SQPRGiveaway(AT) (at = @) with title “Tomb Raider Giveaway”

The competition is open for everyone worldwide. [Ends on 21st January]

The first price is a copy of Tomb Raider + Artbook

The first price is a copy of Tomb Raider + Artbook


The first prize: A copy of Tomb Raider [PS3] + Mini artbook
The second – eleventh prize: A mini artbook of Tomb Raider

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  1. Here is my survival sheet as an example! I hope you enjoy this competition as much I did while creating it today! The prizes are pretty incredible as well: a copy of Tomb Raider + artbook, and TEN lucky ones will also win a mini artbook! :)

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