New Info About Next Gen’s Hitman Emerges

A few days ago Square Enix’s America and Europe CEO Phil Rogers talked about the new open approach the company is taking in regards to establishing a stronger relationship between the community and the games. When confusion struck the web on what’s next in line for the Hitman franchise, Square Enix immediately clarified this and announced that Io-Interactive is still working on the next Hitman for PC and next gen consoles.

Just a short while ago the Io-Interactive team released an open letter containing the first details on next gen’s Hitman game. It covers a few details about the game’s content and technicalities such as it being built on the backbone of the Glacier 2 engine and the world consisting the largest levels the series has ever seen. You can read the full open letter here.

Io-Interactive will be revealing more information further this year and promises to be in closer contact with the players. Keep your eyes peeled for more Hitman updates in the future.

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