Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

“Style Your Own Lightning” Competition Winners Revealed

It’s time to reveal the winners of our Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII outfit designing competition! We received lots of amazing artwork from the fans and I was truly impressed how much effort you guys put on these outfits. Thank you all who participated to this competition!

Due to due to high quality and passion of artworks choosing the winners was very challenging. To me you all were the winners and I would have sent you all something if I only had . The least I can give you is my gratitude and big respect. You all are stars.  But like in any competition, there can be only a few winners and this time we have two of ’em.

Choosing of the winners: In this competition the visual talent didn’t play most important role but the idea of outfit itself did. I also tried to see how the outfit would look on Lightning  in the game. Choosing  the winners was very demanding but I finally after week of thinking came up with a decision. Here are the results:


An outfit is designed by Gekkaz.

otherwinnerThis outfit is designed by Dave who also created a description for his garb:

Garb: Methodist

An agile and easy to wear outfit created for the most expert soldiers in Luxerion, perfect for moving on the most challenging environments.

The inside of its jacket is covered with comfy Niblet fur, (fur ball monster in LR:FFXIII) but its special design doesn’t make it too hot or cold.  The wearer will always feel comfortable.

Note: The scarf tied on lightning’s left arm is a ragged piece of its guardian corps cape, that reminds her of its origins as a soldier.
Locked Ability: “Evade”
Passive Ability: “The Right Method” every time you successfully evade an attack, you recover some ATB.”

dfdfsfWHY? When I saw these outfits, I immediately fell in love with the style and art direction both designers  had chosen. The great amount of visual details and description met the requirements of this competition. To me, both outfits looked like something Lightning would wear. It fits her personality. The garbs also combine cool elements from futuristic and punk looks, which I am very fond of. That’s how they fought their ways to the top of this competition and become the winners.

Other outfits will also receive attention later this week but we will reveal more about that project later on. Thank you all once again for participating in this competition.

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  1. I was afraid mine were too risky. I guess I just wanted to see something different from what Light would wear, even though some of them I think she would have liked. I hope you can show us all the artworks that were sent :D Thank for the contest

  2. Congrats to both of you, I like your ideas ^-^. I tried to explain my outfit and wanted to give side and back shots but some one who works and is pressed for time can only do so much. ^-^ this competition was fun thanks for the challenge.

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