Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

A New Batch of Lightning Returns DLC Available This Week! [Aerith, Cloud, Yuna & Samurai]

MidgarsFlowerGirl1_1394533613A new batch of Lightning Return: Final Fantasy XIII downloadable content to be available this week! There will be two different outfit collections available: the “FF Legend Collection” which is featuring outfits from classic Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, and “The Samurai Collection” which contains all seven samurai outfits that were available only as a pre-order bonus!

Starting today, all outfits are available on X360 and tomorrow on PS3. You can also buy the outfits separately for €3.99 each. The samurai outfits cost €2.99 per garb. Check out the pricing and screenshots below!

FFVII Aerith – €3.99

  • A schema made for the healer
  • Includes Midgar’s Flower Girl, Guard Stick, and Flower Bearer
  • Utilises restorative magic and a powerful Mediguard ability

FFVII Cloud – €3.99

  • A schema modeled on Cloud from FFVII
  • Includes SOLDIER 1st Class, Buster Sword, and SOLDIER’s Band
  • Able to unleash the Slayer ability under the right conditions

FFX-2 Yuna  – €3.99

  • A schema made for area attacks
  • Includes Sphere Hunter, Brotherhood, and Guardian’s Protector
  • Able to deliver Crashing Waves area attacks 

FF LEGENDS Collection (featuring the above three gears in one bundle) – €9.99

FFX Yuna – €3.99

  • A schema for the magic attacker
  • Includes Spira’s Summoner, Summoner’s Staff, and Summoner’s Shield
  • Set with Elementa and able to cast magic with speed.

Shining Prince – €2.99

Dark Samurai – €2.99

Sohei Savior – €2.99

Utsusemi – €2.99

Art of War – €2.99

Flower of Battle – €2.99

Shogun – €2.99

The Samurai Collection (featuring the above seven gears in one bundle)  –  €9.99

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  1. I’m having an issue with Yuna’s FF10 outfit. It says in the store that I’ve pruchased it (even though I didn’t) and every time I try to download it, it keeps saying that it’s downloading her 10-2 outfit. I checked the barter shop to see if it’s there, but there’s nothing there. There’s absolutely no way for me to get her 10 outfit from the store apparently. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Yes, I just recently download the FFX Yuna costume, but it keeps saying I’m downloading FFX-2 costume. I’m like wait what?. They should fix this glitch soon.

    • Is Sony aware of this? This is a pretty annoying glitch. It’s pretty much impossible to download Yuna’s 10 outfit, since BOTH of her costume DLC options are apparently being read as her 10-2 outfit.

  2. yah its available but when i equip the items from the rewards barter that i got it wont show the item and lightning wont show up if its an outfit also even if i equip the outfit and get out of the menu the game will freeze

  3. i dont know who i sould send the issue to but when i bought a costume it shows that i have the outfit but i cant use it and lightning doesnt show up if i made an outfit with download items

    • Have you checked out is it available at the Rewards Barter Shop in the main menu? If not, contact the customer service of Sony/Microsoft.

  4. Oh sweet – so its available for everyone then?
    I have Yunas X-2 outfit and the last 3 costumes ^ (from my Pre-order) – and correct me if im wrong but Yunas X outfit is also available if you pre-order X|X-2 HD
    Hopefully the others have some good stats – out of the 4 that i got only Yunas Brotherhood and Guardian Protector were worth getting – had Brotherhood equipped on one of my Schematas since i started the game and lasted practically till the end until i found something stronger – im on my 2nd Playthrough right now (on Normal again) and i still have Guardian Protector on – its actually the strongest so far – and i have everything (that i know of)

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