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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call Tracklist Revealed [FFI-VII]

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call website. The latest update contains samples and the tracklist of the game. However, they only revealed tracks from Final Fantasy I to VII.The rest of the tracklist will be revealed later on. You can listen to the samples here and even share them on social network!

Final Fantasy I
– Battle Scene (BMS)
– Mid-Boss Battle (BMS)
– Last Battle (BMS)
– Main Theme (FMS)
– Cornelia Castle (FMS)
– Opening Theme (FMS)
– Matoya’s Cave (FMS)
– Mount Gulg (FMS)
– Airship (FMS)
– Sunken Shrine (FMS)

Final Fantasy II
– Battle Scene 1 (BMS)
– The Rebel Army (BMS)
– Battle Scene 2 (BMS)
– Main Theme (FMS)
– Town (FMS)
– Dungeon (FMS)
– Tower of the Magi (FMS)
– Finale (FMS)

Final Fantasy III
– Battle 1 (BMS)
– Battle 2 (BMS)
– This is the Last Battle (BMS)
– Crystal Cave (FMS)
– Eternal Wind (FMS)
– The Boundless Ocean (FMS)
– Elia, the Maiden of Water (FMS)
– Let Me Know the Truth (FMS)
– The Crystal Tower (FMS)

Final Fantasy IV
– Battle 1 (BMS)
– Battle 2 (BMS)
– Battle with the Four Fiends (BMS)
– The Final Battle (BMS)
– The Red Wings (FMS)
– Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (FMS)
– Troian Beauty (FMS)
– Tower of Zot (FMS)
– The Airship (FMS)
– Within the Giant (FMS)

Final Fantasy V
– Main Theme of Final Fantasy V (BMS)
– Battle 1 (BMS)
– Clash on the Big Bridge (BMS)
– The Decisive Battle (BMS)
– The Final Battle (BMS)
– Four Hearts (FMS)
– Harvest (FMS)
– Home, Sweet Home (FMS)
– Mambo de Chocobo (FMS)
– The Airship (FMS)
– A New World (FMS)
– In Search of Light (FMS)

Final Fantasy VI
– Battle Theme (BMS)
– The Decisive Battle (BMS)
– Battle to the Death (BMS)
– Dancing Mad (BMS)
– Terra’s Theme (FMS)
– Edgar & Sabin’s Theme (FMS)
– Celes’s Theme (FMS)
– The Airship Blackjack (FMS)
– Searching for Friends (FMS)
– Kefka’s Tower (FMS)

Final Fantasy VII
– Let the Battles Begin! (BMS)
– Fight On! (BMS)
– J-E-N-O-V-A (BMS)
– Aerith’s Theme (BMS)
– One-Winged Angel (BMS)
– Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (FMS)
– Gold Saucer (FMS)
– Cosmo Canyon (FMS)
– The Highwind Takes to the Skies (FMS)
– Judgment Day (FMS)

Merci, FFWORLD. Je t’aime!

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  1. haha – i love the Mount Gulg and Gold Saucer theme :D
    Cant remember much about how the other songs went as i havent played the games in so long but its awesome that theyre adding equal amount of songs for each FF
    So thats 69 songs revealed so far – another 131 to go xD

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