SchoolGirl Strikers

Square Enix Reveals “SchoolGirl Strikers” | New Artwork & Info

swith_coconut_beforeA few days ago, we wrote about the new “Voice and Sound” teaser trailer where Square Enix gave a sneak peek of their new game. Now the name and cast have been revealed! “School Girl Strikers” is about school girls who have gained mysterious powers. And why not put powers in good use and use them to protect the world? The official japanese site also shows off multiple characters with constantly changing outfits which means the gameplay will be somehow focusing on garb changing a’la Lightning Returns.

Earlier on Famitsu, it was revealed that School Girl Strikers will be some sort of “light novel-style RPG” featuring many high profile voice actors such as Yu Asakawa, Kaori Ishihara, Mariya Ise, and many others.

That’s all for today about “School Girl Strikers”! The game will be out in Japan this Spring. The release platform will be iOS which means it will be playable only on iPhones/iPads with iOS7 update or newer. The game will using free-to-play format. The western release remains unknown but not too many Square Enix’s mobile games have been released here as in Japan, where mobile phone market is dominating right now.


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  1. I’m actually looking forward to see the gameplay of this game. Recently, I’ve actually stopped hating mobile games since I enjoyed the iPad version of TWEWY way more than the DS version. This made me wonder if Square Enix can truly deliver good titles for mobile phones with mobile focused controllers. If yes, they are now more than welcome in my opinion.

    Sadly, for now it has seemed that the mobile games have been developed as money pumping titles for easy cash, but I’m trying to be positive about the future.

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