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I’m glad to present you our newest commercial! At first, it was set to be released during our anniversary back in the beginning of January, but lack of inspiration and pressure coming from studies kept me distracted. However, today it’s finally out in all glory, perhaps not in the form I first it planned, but it will always bother me if I leave any projects unfinished. I hope you enjoy watching it!


One of my main objectives with Square Portal has always been bringing joy to Square Enix community.  When it comes to creating Square Portal, it’s a very personal project close to my heart. That’s why I wanna keep the community feelings like a home where every wandering lost soul is welcome. That’s the ideal community I would like to be part.

Since we all love video games such as Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Drakengard, Thief and many other titles coming from Square Enix and other companies, I see no reason why we should turn against each other at any point. By that I mean bullying or aggressive behavior. In my opinion, healthy argumentation and criticism are a must in order to keep our society and products evolving, but there’s no point spending energy on ruining someone’s day when you could use that energy to create something wonderful.

This is why I and Square Portal have decided to promote acceptance, love, passion and creativity. (As cheesy as it may sound, hah) I’m so glad to see it happening in our great community which you guys make. I hope we can keep that up in the future, and make this place a home for everyone – even for people who don’t agree everything with us. Thank you all for the support!

Do you love making silly videos like me? Or perhaps painting art? Composing and remixing music? Send your Square Enix inspired art to COSMOS and they will be featured on the site!

Best Wishes,
Editor-in-Chief of Square Portal 

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  1. Coooollll!!!!!!! Awesome!! I’m totally speechless….!
    I’m a bit want to cry too, the words meaning are totally deep.
    I know it’s a bit late.
    Because I’m just see this now.
    I should have seen this back then when it was uploaded.

  2. I love Square Portal so much! People are so nice around here – even though we sometimes get into arguments but they are very mature and points are often good, and they never start questioning my intelligent or something cliché internet scumbags often do. Thank you all for being so nice!

    The video was really good too! Great job! Favorited! :)

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