COSMOS #4 | SeeBeyondTheScientist’s Beautiful Character Monologue Videos

The fourth transmission has finally arrived from Cosmos! Sorry for the delays, which were caused by the fact our staff has been on holiday for a week! (Not all the time, damn workaholics!) 

This week, we are enjoying SeeBeyondTheScientist’s beautiful character monologue videos. But what are they? SBTS beautifully combines game music, scenes and texts into artistic videos where you can read each characters’ thoughts. Watching beautiful sceneries, listening to music and reading characters’ thoughts, the way SBTS personally sees them, is a great way to relax and wake up your own memories!

All videos are made after SBTS’s favorite characters such as Auron (Final Fantasy X), Zack (Crisis Core), Xion & Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) and Neku (The World Ends with You) because over the years he has come to respect them and the values they are standing for. Creating something unique and important to you sounds like a great way to express your relationship with your favorite stories and characters. That’s something amazing which we here at Square Portal value and respect a lot.

While chatting about these monologue videos, SeeBeyondTheScientist revealed his creating progress often begins while listening to his favorite music. Expressing himself through these videos drives him forward while he is studying Aerospace Engineering at the university. More videos are in the works, and he is also planning to write his own fantasy book as well! So, if you like his videos, we recommend you to keep an eyeson his Youtube channel for future updates!

Thank you SeeBeyondTheScientist for sharing your talent and passion with us! See his videos below:

If you like the videos, subscribe SeeBeyondTheScientist on Youtube!

Get featured on Cosmos and fill the contact-form below! Share links to your work and explain more about it! You can also send us direct email if you want to share pictures etc. [squareportal@outlook.com]

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