Language’s Red Single Premiere | Listen Now | Out 23rd April

Language’s Red Single will be finally out tomorrow! To celebrate the upcoming release, the band has released a live session music video for both songs on the single album. Now you can get a full experience of “Silencia” and “Soft Moments”! Please, enjoy!

The Red Single is the first release of Language‘s RGSeries“, which consist of six tracks released in three digital single albums: Red, Green and Blue.  ‘Green Single‘ and ‘Blue Single‘ will be out late May and June 2014. The Red Single will be available on BandCamp and iTunes!

Many people were introduced with Language’s music while playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  One of their songs was Ouroboros Festival, which is played in Yusnaan during the night time. However, they have released music before such as Northern Lights and Magure albums. Magure is available on iTunes. Remember that Red Single will be out tomorrow!

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