SchoolGirl Strikers

Mitsuto Suzuki, Kenicki Mikoshiba and Kengo Tokusashi Worked on SchoolGirl Strikers Soundtrack |15 Minutes Preview

Time to stop the slow news week! In his latest blog post, Mitsuto Suzuki revealed that he, Kenicki Mikoshiba and Kengo Tokusashi worked “School Girl Strikers” soundtrack together. Mitsuto Suzuki and Kengo Tokusashi made the original composing work while Kenicki Mikoshiba focused on sound and effect direction. The original soundtrack isn’t available anywhere yet, but as a nice surprise Mitsuto Suzuki uploaded a 15 minutes long preview clip showcasing the soundtrack. Listen to the clip from here.

“School Girl Strikers” is the latest mobile release from Square Enix – developed by SisiLaLa Overdrive. The game follows a story of high school students facing off big challenges. Player can create a team of five and get them different kinds of outfits and accessories, and unlock more by playing the game. If you own a Japanese Apple ID, you can download the game for free from App Store. To get a better idea, how the game works, watch the gameplay video below.

You may already know Mitsuto Suzuki’s work well, since he was one of the three main composers chosen to create soundtracks for Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIII-2. He has also worked on The 3rd Birthday. Kengo Tokusashi is known from his assist work on LRFFXIII and FFXIII-2 OSTs as well. Kenicki Mikoshiba has worked on different projects such as The Last Remnant, and he did sound editing for SaGa series and Final Fantasy XII soundtracks.

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