SQ Swing Tracklist + Cover Art + Out Tomorrow

Square Enix will be releasing SQ Swing album in Japan on 28th May. It’s a new jazz album with newly arranged songs from the Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, SaGa, Kingdom Hearts and MaNa series.  The album contains 12 songs which are performed by Taro Kuchibue, Drakskip, fox capture plan, KING COLUMBIA, RF, bohemianvoodoo, Miyuki Hatakeyama and Yusuke Hirado Trio.

SQ SWing will be available for ¥2,500. The western release is still unknown, but there is a chance it will be available on iTunes tomorrow.

  • 01 Memory of 16bit Medley: Mission Clear ~ Rebel Army ~ The Teacher’s Elegy ~ Frog’s Theme ~ Farewell Song ~ Main Theme
  • 02 Seiken Densetsu 2 “The Child of the Fairy Tribe”
  • 03 Kingdom Hearts II “Organization XIII ~ The 13th Struggle ~ Fragments of Sorrow ~ Dearly Beloved”
  • 04 Final Fantasy VI “Johnny C Bad”
  • 05 Final Fantasy IV “Melody of Lute ~ Illusionary World”
  • 06 Chrono Trigger “Chrono Trigger ~ Yearnings of the Wind ~ Robo’s Theme”
  • 07 Final Fantasy VI “Shadow ~ Cayenne ~ Edgar&Mash”
  • 08 SaGa Frontier “Fight! Alkaiser”
  • 09 Live A Live “MEGALOMANIA”
  • 10 Chrono Trigger “Corridor of Time ~ Schala’s Theme”
  • 11 Final Fantasy IX “Melodies Of Life”
  • 12 Xenogears “The Gentle Breeze Sings”

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