Final Fantasy XV featured in “The PlayStation E3 Experience” Trailer

Final Fantasy XV is being featured in Sony’s “The PlayStation E3 Experience” trailer. The clip is very very very very very VERY short – less than a second. But is it be enough to interpret the game will be making an appearance at Sony’s E3 presentation? The trailer and video description might be very interesting for our North American readers, who have a chance to participate  in the live theater event, see exclusive content and receive nice goodies!

Register here:

On June 9, PlayStation invites its fans around the country to gather together to experience the news and announcements of E3 like never before – LIVE on a massive screen in theaters.

The PlayStation E3 Experience, hosted by Geoff Keighley, will feature an HD simulcast of the PlayStation E3 Press Conference, as well as 30 minutes of extra content including exclusive extended game footage and interviews with the world’s top developers.

Attendees will go home with a commemorative PlayStation collectible and a surprise gift!

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    • Let’s hope so! If FFXV doesn’t make appear at E3, it’s quite likely it will be at TGS, at least. Still, it would be quite off if they hyped E3 by showing old footage of it and making us wait an appearance at the show. I think it will be there! They could show us at least 10-30seconds trailer is anything else is too much. UGH. And I hope they showed other places than the city area.

      • Lol the city shots are getting old. And I can only handel seeing so much of the same old behemoth until it starts getting REALLY old. They did show Noctus in a field on top of a juggernaut thing a while back. Let’s hope they don’t try using that scene as something ”new” XD

      • People have been saying this for 5+ years now.

        “Oh I’m 100% sure it’ll be at E3, and it not it’ll DEF be at TGS. Oh…it wasn’t at TGS or E3. Maybe next year.”

        • Honestly, I think it’s different situation this time. It’s only FF release coming in a few years and it got “relaunched” last year. But yeah there’s always a chance for disappointment but I really feel that now when the FFXIII and FFXIV are out, their main focus has moved on pushing XV then KH3. But that will be seen in two weeks :)

  1. Not only that but God of War made a short an appearance – GOW4?! :0
    If only it were in theaters in the UK aswell :p – would be cool :)

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