Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster

First look to Final Fantasy X-2 HD

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    • Because whether you like it or not, it’s the SEQUEL! I for one, thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was girly.

  1. Can defos see an improvement! – alot of detail in the hair, much brighter in colour and sharper too – and i dont remember seeing it in the original but ive just noticed some shadowing behind the symbol on Yunas top
    Would love to see Vegnagun in HD – that thing was a beast! – plus see some of the other dress-spheres :)

    • Have to agree HD seems to pop every thing out. In these pics u can really tell. Look at pains too, it really has a layered look instead of the flat floppy piece it used to look like. =)

      • Yeah – theres alot of detail close up – really stands out – doesnt even blur either/look too soft

      • Your right about it not blurring. When they tried to show muscle definition befor it was all blurry but with HD u can c definition and they do look really soft (which is kinda weird to c) =)

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