Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

LANGUAGE will be making Lightning Returns Remixes

Mitsuto Suzuki has announced on his personal SQUARE ENIX MUSIC BLOG that Lightning Returns soundtrack will have remix songs – almost like Final Fantasy XIII-2 had “aggressive mixes.” However, this time it’s a bit different because they have hired a Japanese band, Language, to make compose few remixes.

Today, they were already recording at TOMISHIRO STUDIO and Suzuki stated that he was very happy with the recording session.  According to him, Language’s music fits well to the scenery and they even created some new innovations he hadn’t even thought about.

You can listen to Language’s music on their official site to get an idea of their sound. Language has released two albums, “Slower Than Summer” and “Northern Lights”, and the third album will be out this summer!

Maybe they will hire more remixers… Would you be interested in the official remixes album of Lightning Returns? 

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  1. 100% agree with mitsuto suzuki
    i was afraid thinking they were a group of j-pop or japan techno but her music is very chilling soothing and very uplifting.
    perfect for lightning returns.

    (actually i fell in love with two of their tracks “Air” and “Reflections” i can’t stop listening)

  2. I don’t like it. I was hoping they would take the Xenoblade approach and just have two different soundtracks for night and day (I know it’s confirmed that different music will play depending on the time of day). Just not a big fan of remixes. Regardless this game is going to be fantastic, hope we get a trailer soon!

    • Of course things r looking up for ff13-LR. SE has been bending over backwards to make this game great. I really can’t wait for this game to come out (I know I say that a lot XD). The remixes are a welcome plus for me to. =)

  3. They sound interesting, I’m not saying they should b or shouldn’t b in Lightning returns, I’ll wait till I here more to make my final judgment. The way they sound though I would say they should have some good remixes of what ever their remixing.

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