Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Not Be Featured Heavily At E3, Another New Announcement Hinted

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer Shinji Hashimoto was interviewed by Famitsu for this week’s issue regarding Square Enix’s plan for this year’s E3.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix’s release dates have just been announced with a small teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3, but Hashimoto says that it will take a while until they can release new information about the latter game. Hashimoto also clarified the misunderstanding regarding the report from earlier this March in Thailand’s Comic Con of Final Fantasy XV certainly showing up at E3. He claims that the exact answer he gave was “I can’t answer yet.”. He later on confirms that Final Fantasy XV will not show up at E3 but new information will come out at later events this year, and adds that new information will be released on “something else” instead at E3. 


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  1. Im sad now :c
    I wouldnt have been surprised if KH3 didnt turn up at E3 as that still has a long way to go – but i was expecting FFXV – something at least!
    Roll on TGS (presuming XV will be at that event!)

      • Lets hope that during interviews someone will bring up the topic of FFXV – just to entice us a bit more and maybe to give us any additional hints

        If theyre skipping E3 – they better go all out at the next gaming event this year :p

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