Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

A New Final Fantasy VII Game Revealed – And More to Come!

Vroom vroom! Slow down the hype motorcycle or we will crash to the wall! AAAAA!!! *crash noise*

According to this week’s Famitsu, Square Enix and CyberConnect2 are working on a new Final Fantasy VII game called “Final Fantasy VII G Bike” The game will be set to Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer motorcycling mini-game, and it will be featuring different kinds of bikes and an ability to customize them. They have also added jumping and sliding abilities to the game.

A video how the minigame looked like in the original Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII G Bike will be release for iOS and Android this Fall. It won’t be the end of “new” Final Fantasy games: Famitsu is rumoring there will be even more Gold Saucer mini-games coming for smartphones. Which one of them would you like to see?


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  1. They say that if Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is successful, which to me, it already is considering how cool it looks, there could be more to come-as in more mini games. So much for a Genesis sequel-like game with both the main characters, the former villian characters(I’m talking about Rufus and all of the Turks) and Shalua returning.

  2. When I read the subject of the email, I thought they finally decided to continue the FFVII compilation
    V_V oh well, here’s hoping for whatever comes after Dirge of Cerberus

  3. This is hilarious – they love doing stuff for smartphones done they :p
    I remember not being that big a fan of this mini game – mainly the controls and the movement frustrated me a bit xD

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