Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers Box Art and Collector’s Edition Revealed


Final Fantasy Explorers will be released on 18th December in Japan. Now Square Enix has revealed the collector’s edition and box art for the game. The cover will be following the traditional direction of the Final Fantasy series, it only features the games logo.


The collector’s edition contains a special purse where you can keep your 3DS, for example. There is also a special protection cover featuring the logo for the XL model. In addition, there are a soundtrack sample CD, an artbook, a special art card and the game itself, of course.

The western release still remains unknown.

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  1. Wow, as I like to draw myself I really appreciate collectibles such as artwork and this one is neat!
    As for the purse, give it to me, I have someone who needs to put her 3ds there! ^^

  2. square fans love collectibles……whats your game here SE?…..aww who cares just shut up and take my Money.

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