Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII Portal Site Opened – Features Steam Logo

ffxiii portal
We’re happy to announce we are opening a new site for the Final Fantasy XII saga – WAIT – This isn’t true!

Square Enix Japan has opened a new portal site for the Final Fantasy XIII saga. The first new announcement was that the saga will be arriving for the smart devices through an app called “Dive In”. You can read the announcement from here.¬†Another interesting detail, which might be related to that announcement, is the fact the site features Steam’s logo. This might be a hint the games will be release on Steam as well. But it could be related to the app as well.

Please be excited! You can expect more news about this and Square Enix Japan’s other games as Tokyo Games Show 2014 starts tomorrow!

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  1. I think it’s related to the app. They’ve said before that the technology the games are built on makes porting to PC more hassle than its worth. Besides that, I’ve got an odd feeling: a few months ago I might have been pleased about this, but not I’m feeling nervous. XIII is finished, isn’t it? I’ve heard of companies flogging sub-franchises to death, but still…

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