Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy XIII Saga and Other Titles Arriving for Smartphones This Year

Dive In

Square Enix has revealed that the whole the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Murdered, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant will be arriving for the smart devices later this year and in 2015. The games won’t be ports, but they will be streamed through an app called “DIVE IN” which will be available on App Store and Google Play.

The official Japanese site doesn’t yet mention anything about the controls or how they are remade for the smart devices. There’s also a possibility the app will be available for computers as well. In theory, this could be mean Square Enix’s latest games could be playable anywhere you want and on any device that supports the app, as long as your internet connection is fast enough.

There is just one problem with the streaming services, which European players might have experienced, if they tried the North American version of PlayStation Now earlier this year. Since the servers are located in Japan / in another region, the stream might be lagging since the original content is being transmitted from the overseas. This is why many companies are building new server centers in North America and Europe to bring the best possible streaming experiences for their customers.

Release Dates & Pricing

Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII and Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders will released on 9th October. In November, Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant will available as well. Then in December the Final Fantasy XIII saga continues as Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released with Murdered: Soul Suspect. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will return in 2015.

The Pricing

Final Fantasy XIII

3 days – 250 yens + tax
10 days – 510 yens + tax
30 days – 1250 yens + tax
A Year – 1800 yens + tax

Final Fantasy VII

3 days – 200 yens + tax
10 days – 400 yens + tax
30 days – 1000 yens + tax
A Year – 1429 yens + tax

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