Bravely Second

New Bravely Second Trailer Features The Three Musketeers And Beautiful Music


Square Enix has released a new trailer for Bravely Second.  This time we are introducing to you three new main protagonists who are known as “the three musketeers” in Bravely Second.

In fact, the three musketeers are Crystal Orthodoxy Knights whose missions is to protect Agnes who has taken over an important role as the pope of  the Crystal Orthodoxy. Agnes is working on bringing the peace between Eternia and Crystal Orthodoxy but the dream of peace is soon shattered when she gets kidnapped all the sudden – right before she were meant to participate in the peace treaty ceremony. The future which once seemed certain is now in danger. This is where Yuu Zeneorshia, Jean Angard and Nikolai Nikolanikoff step in!

The new trailer also confirms all members of the three musketeers are playable in the game as well! The fourth character is known as Magnolia, who is  a fearless woman with a mysterious background. Magnolia prefers to be called a “Ba’al Buster”  and she is known to be able to use powerful attacks. Her eyes are red as blood, which is why people have started to spread rumors she might be the devil itself. Don’t let her elegant and tough looking shell to trick you: Magnolia is said to be a social weirdo yet very delicate and emphatic. On the other hand she is a romantic and at the same time a realistic. Even if these things aren’t completely certain, one thing is – she saved Tiz.

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