Bravely Default

Ho ho ho! X’mas Collections Music From Bravely Default Announced | Cover Art


Ho ho ho! It’s less than three month until Christmas and you can already hear the traditional Christmas tunes playing in the shopping centers and on the radio. But what would Christmas be without a new album from Square Enix? It’s time do throw Jingle Bells and Rudolf away and play beautiful Bravely Default’s Christmas tunes from the stereo!

Square Enix has announced a special arrange album “X’mas Collections: Music from Bravely Default”. The album will be released on 19th November in Japan. The CD will feature holiday-theme arrangements of Bravely Default music, which was composed and arranged by Revo. Last year, Square Enix also released another X’mas album. You can learn more about it here.

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  1. Sweet, I’ll be able to listen to this whilst playing this game for the first time, on the “New” 3DS I plan on buying myself for Christmas!

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