UPDATED: Tabata Apologizes the Mistake in the PSN Description, Noctis Only Playable Character + Explained Why


A Screenshot by Square Portal

Update: Final Fantasy XV won’t support character switch. Tabata apologized and said the PSN description was a mistake. The battle system was too complicated when they had the character switch system, so they decided to go with the single character experience like in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We will be making a deep report after the official subtitled version is out to make sure everything will be 100% clear from now on. 

Sony has released the latest trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2014 on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Alongside many other titles, Final Fantasy XV makes an appearance as “TGS2014 Special Trailer”. The video itself is the same but the description confirms something we have been speculating for a long time: You can actually switch party members. Here is our translation of the description:

Taking advantage of the next generation console’s specifications, characters can move around the entire screen and the traditional party battle of Final Fantasy games is evolved so you can enjoy battle even more strategically by switching party members.

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    • There will be interaction a lot actually since the game focusses on co-operating with other characters. We will be making a post soon about all things they talked about during the talk show, but that is when the official translation is out.

      • Ok! Then, I imagine that it will be possible to indirectly control the way the other fight? What do you think? In other words, without being able to switch, we may be able to control the other characters with a menu similar to Attack/Magic/Potion\Limit Break, etc!

  1. As I can see it, this picture was token in the PSN on PS4, right?
    Well then, on the PS3 network it isn´t there, only the TGS 13 trailer.
    Can somebody upload it?
    I want it so much in full HD -_-

  2. Hi, everyone! :) I’m new here, but I’m a fan of Final Fantasy serie since FF VII and I’m looking forward for FF XV! ^^ I like Square Portal since a while so I decided to take part of the fun in here! See ya! ;)

    • I really hope they will be clarifying all confusion during this session. During the last conference, they didn’t really have much time to introduce the game well, which just led to speculation on the Internet. According to SE, they will be making subtitles for the video as well, so there shouldn’t be translation problems either! Though, they might not be available immediately!

    • Hahah the confusion is big amongst everyone since Tabata said there wouldn’t be such a thing during 4Gamer’s interview. Though, it’s likely he was referring to the demo, and the interview + we translators understood it wrong.

      • Well ” You can only control Noctis” Can sound like ” You can only control 1 member at a time”. Tabata could have used the wrong wording, as interviews are not longer and have to answer questions at a decently fast paced.

        • Well, Square Portal has always been 100% reliable source to me at least, but I have never heard of that site. It does sound/look like another fansite? Perhaps we can question their motivations for throwing such comments about other “fansite” since this site is kinda their “competitor”? (Though, this site is more like news/pro than a fansite imo)

          • Thank you, Miranda! You are such a treasure! It makes me happy to see you have great time here and get reliable news as it should be ^__^

        • Well, I think there has never been such a case, where we would have been writing misleading information, and all things have been clarified, if there have been misunderstandings. (Once?) Since we have actually been thanked and credited by many sources, such as IGN, Gameinformer, Eurogamer, Destructoid, Joystick, The Verge and many others, for doing such a great translation/reporting work, I’m not really worried about this. That is why I wouldn’t really pay any attention on this kind of comments coming from some fansites/personal blogs(?) either.

          Being a reliable/trustworthy source has always been the one of the most important things for us. This something we truly value and sometimes writing news will take a bit longer to because we don’t want to rush too much. It’s for sites which just want to get a few more extra clicks. There will always be drama on the Internet and it’s funny some people want to tag us along that, but it’s not really something we care or want to spend time on.

          We love producing content for the Square Enix community and we will be focussing on that. :)

          • They said they would ban me if I continuing posting links from you guys.. I always thought of you guys as reliable. I know sites have rules when posting I know, but you guys are kdramastars that post something every day. and they told me I can’t even dispute it ( argue that you guys are reliable). I don’t know that seems a bit fishy to me. I am not the most stable person emotionally, and when he was “practically” threatening me to not argue with him or post link about this site, I will admit my body was drained of energy.

            I am not sure what to think about this situation, but I do believe you guys are reliable source of information, as your information isn’t all that different from other creditable source. I don’t know it’s those kinds of actions from sites when they aren’t justified that make me not want to go to their site.

          • I am sad and disappointed to hear people have hurt you just for sharing news, that’s not how it should be. You should not be punished for being passionate and sharing cool stuff with others. But don’t you worry! You, like all our readers, will always have a home on Square Portal! We are here to support each other through harder times – gaming related or not!

            If you ever (or anyone who sees this) need support with games or life in general, you can always follow us on Twitter and direct message us. We will be helping the best way we can! There’s enough negativity on the internet and we hope to make it more positive. :)

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