What’s the “New Nintendo 3DS”?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is part of the New Nintendo 3DS' promotional campaign

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is part of the New Nintendo 3DS’ promotional campaign

Since we’re providing you with the latest Square Enix news and reviews of other companies’ games, it’s also important to cover the consoles that allow us to play these amazing games. That is why we’re introducing to you the New Nintendo 3DS. It’s actually more than a redesign for the already released console.

So, what’s different to the original 3DS?

New_Nintendo_3DS_(white)The New Nintendo 3DS has improvements upon the previous models. This time Nintendo is including a second analog stick, additional should buttons “ZL and ZR”, a better front camera, a better battery improved 3D technology and software, and higher performance to the re-release. The system is expected to release in Europe and North America in 2015. You can also consider importing the console from Japan (October 11), Australia or New Zealand (November 21), where the console is launching this year.  It’s worth-noting that the console is still region locked and if you pick up the Japanese version, it will only run the games from that region. Like previously with the Nintendo 3DS, there will be two version available: a regular and a XL version.

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo is also improving the software and screen technology. With the New Nintendo 3DS, they have expanded the view angle for the stereoscopic 3D effect. The console will also support wireless file transferring with PC. You can also say goodbye to the old SD cards since the console uses Micro SD cards. There will be an automatic brightness adjustment based on lighting and NFC technology, which the new Amiibo figures will be utilizing.

Backplates for the New Nintendo 3DS

Backplates for the New Nintendo 3DS

The biggest difference between the New Nintendo 3DS and the previous model is the more powerful CPU, which allow companies to great more impressive looking games. The New Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with all 3DS games, but the old 3DS can’t play the new games if they use the extra power provided by the new CPU. Nintendo also promises download speeds and the web browser will be faster. The new browser can also play videos!

You can also customize the console with switchable backplates and system themes. You can see many different kinds of plates on the official Japanese New Nintendo 3DS site! Would you like to see Square Enix producing special backplates as well? In my opinion, it would be cool to get some Kingdom Heart, Final Fantasy or Bravely swag on my handheld, hah! 

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