Final Fantasy

Lightning Voices The Latest “DIVE IN” Commercial

Square Enix Japan has released the first commercial for the upcoming “DIVE IN” application that allows players to play games such as Final Fantasy XIII, Murdered, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant on their smartphones and tablet. This is possible because the gameplay will be streamed from the servers. All you need is a fast Internet connection.

The streaming application will be released next week in Japan and will remain Japan-only, for now. You could always try it, if you owned a Japanese Apple/Google ID, but the lag could be quite a deal breaker since the stream is coming from the overseas. This is a problem with every streaming service and we need to wait until Square Enix builds servers in Europe and North America.

Anyway, it’s time dive in and enjoy this new commercial voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, the Japanese voice actor of Lightning. Watch out you don’t get Blinded by Light!

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