Final Fantasy Type-0

[GUIDE] Get Ready for the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talk Show [EXTENDED]

The extended version of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD talk show is scheduled to be streamed on Thurday, October 2nd at 8.00 pm JST / 4.00 am PDT / 1PM CEST /  11am GMT.  The program will be focusing on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but it’s likely Final Fantasy XV will make an appearance as well. This happened at Tokyo Game Show 2014, but they didn’t have enough time to showcase the game well.

The program will be available on Square Enix Japan Presents in Japanese, and on Youtube, which we already embedded below. A subtitled version will be available at a later time.

To easily check how many hours left until the stream starts, just click the Youtube player and you will see a countdown!

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      • That’s great, but I may not be able to buy a PS4 until late 2015 or early 2016. I wish to have a PS4 the same day of FFXV release! :)

      • That’s what we are waiting too, but Tabata apologized that the PSN description was a mistake. They tried to include the character change system in the game but it was too complicated and they decided to go with the single character experience. More about that later.

        • Well, it doesn’t matter to me as long as the gameplay is good that’s all that matters. Besides At least Tabata is committed to the fans and seems to be willing to change the gameplay if needed.

          • Yes, that’s right! I loved to see him being so enthusiastic about the game and listening to fans’ feedback. They even shared the car meme picture in high quality! Even FFXIII changed quite much from the demo, though it was that major change, but still far more polished :)

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