Square Enix Releases High Quality Final Fantasy XV Car Meme Assets! Get them here!

Square Enix Japan has released high quality Final Fantasy XV car meme assets! Let’s make even more memes, but in style now! Square Enix Japan also hopes you will be sharing your memes with #FFXVCOLLA hashtag, so the developers can see them too! Read the essential information the developers revealed about Final Fantasy XV from here.

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FF15_A_fix FF15_B_fix FF15_C_fix

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    • I really like how their Japanese side is slowly opening for the community and are ready to communicate with us – in a ways like this, for example. I think it can be quite scary since we all know how rude people can be online and the devs aren’t always even seen as normal people with lives outside the industry.

      Since they seem to follow us rather carefully, it should be important to write good posts to forums etc. especially when you like or don’t like something. As Johnny mentioned in one post, the developers seem to value more the post with arguments than simple “shit/amazing” comments. I personally try to do posts like that in the future. :)

    • It’s so great so see them taking the communication between the fans and the developers to another level! It took a bit more time to them realize how important internet communications like this are for marketing and building a better relationship with the community :)

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